Reader Poll: Where’s Your Favorite Ramen on O‘ahu?

Tonkotsu, black garlic, tan tan, miso: Who serves up your favorite bowl?
Photo: Gregg Hoshida


Ramen is like chicken katsu and loco moco: Everybody can name their favorite. Opinions are as varied as the options, but with so many of O‘ahu’s ramen shops concentrated in the urban Honolulu corridor, this poll, unlike others, won’t reveal which shops are regional favorites so much as what kinds of ramen Frolic readers crave most.


So in this blustery season, tell us which shop serves up your favorite steaming bowls. Will it be the one that best customizes spice levels? The one with the juiciest char siu? One serving up more traditional styles or one with the trendiest flavor bombs?


Vote for your pick by 11:59 p.m. HST on Tuesday, Oct. 19 and check back next week. We’ll compile the results and find out who’s serving up O‘ahu’s favorite ramen bowls!