Ranking Our Favorite Flavors at Vons Chicken

Snow wings, honey butter, crispy fried shoyu: The Korean fried chicken wing chain has been taking O‘ahu by storm recently, for good reason.


With its crispy, juicy wings, simple premise and affordable franchise costs, it’s no wonder Vons Chicken, Hawai‘i’s first taste of KFC or Korean Fried Chicken, has expanded so rapidly. It started in 2015 with a somewhat lonely outpost in the back corner of Palama Supermarket in Kalihi, and at last count had five locations on O‘ahu with one more opening this month. The first Vons location on Maui opened last month.


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This is fun, easy, to-go party or fast food in a variety of flavors. While there’s some variation from store to store—for example, the Vons Chicken in Palama Supermarket on Makaloa Street is one of the only ones that has BBQ flavor in crispy fried or oven-baked—everyone has their favorite. Some stores serve up other Korean staples like mandoo, rice cakes in a spicy stew (tteokbokki), or fried tofu. You can even order plate lunch style, with four pieces of chicken in any flavor plus rice, mandoo and corn or mac salad, but we recommend sticking to the half order of 10 pieces for $12.99 to $14.99 (varies by location) or full orders of 20 pieces for $24.49 to $26.99. Because that’s why you’re here, right?


vons chicken Original crispy fried wings

Photo: Tracy Chan


Without further ado, here is my unofficial ranking of the Vons Chicken flavors I’ve tried. There are a few more, but not all flavors are widely available. And rather than rank the original fried wings, a go-to for plenty of people, I’m just going to say that fried chicken aficionados will approve. Perfectly crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, they’re packed like all Vons orders in semi-open containers so they stay crispy on the trip home. If you can’t decide or you’e not a fan of excessive seasoning, you can’t go wrong with original crispy fried chicken.


No. 5: Snow Wings

vons chicken Snow Wings

Photo: Tracy Chan


Coated with a powdered seasoning of Parmesan cheese and onion powder (think mac and cheese in chicken wing form), it’s savory and flavorful, but also a bit much, in my opinion.


No. 4: Crispy Fried Shoyu

Salty, sweet and covered with sauce that you just can’t quit.


No. 3: Crispy Seasoned Mild or Spicy

vons chicken crispy Seasoned Gochujang

Photo: Tracy Chan


While “seasoned” sounds pretty general, what these are actually seasoned with is a delicious red sweet-savory gochujang house sauce.


No. 2: Garlic

vons chicken Garlic

Photo: Tracy Chan


This one’s got an exciting kick from real garlic, plus a little bit of sweetness. Great for savory flavor lovers.


No. 1: Honey Butter

vons chicken Honey Butter

Photo: Tracy Chan


Sweet, salty, buttery (the actual seasoning is some sort of butter powder mixture), this one is different, interesting and oh-so-addictive. It’s always the first one to disappear in our household.


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Honorable mentions because they’re delicious but not available at all locations: Crispy Fried BBQ, available at the Palama Market Vons Chicken, and Sweet & Spicy Chili, exclusive to the Waimalu location.


What’s your favorite flavor?


Vons Chicken Kaimukī: (808) 762-8787, 3036 Wai‘alae Ave., Ste B1

Vons Chicken Nu‘uanu: Closed, relocating to 468 Halekauwila St. in May

Vons Chicken Pensacola: (808) 800-3955, 1102 Pensacola St.

Vons Chicken in Palama Supermarket: (808) 447-7700, 1670 Makaloa St.

Vons Chicken Ala Moana at Shirokiya Village Walk: Closed until further notice

Vons Chicken Waimalu: (808) 367-1384, 98-020 Kamehameha Hwy

Vons Chicken ‘Ewa Beach: (808) 888-2655, 91-775 Papipi Road Ste B

Vons Chicken Maui, in the Maui Lani Village Center: (808) 793-0258, 43 La‘a St., Kahului