Parade of Poke: All the Exclusive New Poke Coming to Next Week’s Poke Fest

Frolic Hawai‘i’s 5th Annual Poke Fest is Saturday, May 28—and a record 17 poke vendors are debuting all-new poke.


A record 16 poke vendors are gathering at Ka Makana Ali‘i next Saturday for Frolic’s 5th Annual Poke Fest presented by Fresh Island Fish, and Poke Fest veterans know what that means: 16 exclusive new poke created specially for the event.


So here’s what’s happening on Saturday, May 28: Poke vendors from all over O‘ahu will bring their best poke selections, with additional snack and dessert shops rounding out the menu. Every poke shop will be selling samples of their exclusive Poke Fest creations (see photo gallery below) along with poke bowls and other items so you can still find your fave ‘ahi limu and other flavors. Admission is free, there’ll be live entertainment throughout, and you’ll get to vote online for your favorite new poke. We’ll tally the results afterward and crown a new King of Poke Fest 2022!


Sadly, please note that Poke Passes entitling you to Poke Fest exclusive poke from five vendors of your choice are now SOLD OUT.


What: Frolic Hawai‘i’s 5th Annual Poke Fest
Where: Ka Makana Ali‘i, Kapolei, parking lot between Cheesecake Factory and Taqueria el Ranchero
When: Saturday, May 28 from 4 to 8 p.m.
Admission: FREE


Ka Makana Alii Poke Fest Map

Poke Fest is taking over Ka Makana Ali‘i’s parking lot between Cheesecake Factory and Taqueria el Ranchero


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Alicia’s Market


Alicias Market Wasabi Scallop Poke Pc Alicias Market

Photo courtesy of Alicia’s Market


Cooked Whole Wasabi Scallop Poke



Feast by Jon Matsubara


Feast Hamachi Pokefest Courtesy Feast By Jon Matsubara

Photo courtesy of Feast by Jon Matsubara

Feast Poke: Hamachi, ikura, pickled wasabi, toasted bonito soy, ponzu



Foodland Hawai‘i

Multiple locations

Foodland Mochi Crunch Ahi Pc Foodland Hawaii

Photo courtesy of Foodland Hawai‘i


Mochi Crunch Arare Poke: ‘Ahi, bubu arare, garlic crunch, furikake, kakimochi glaze, green onion



Fort Ruger Market

Diamond Head

Fort Ruger Market Garlic Miso Scallop Poke Pc Fort Ruger Market

Photo courtesy of Fort Ruger Market


Garlic Miso Scallop Poke with roasted garlic, white miso, mayo, sesame oil, hondashi, togarashi, green onion, furikake, fried garlic



Hibachi Honolulu Market


Hibachi Honolulu Lemongrass Shrimp And Calamari Pc Hibachi Honolulu Market

Photo courtesy of Hibachi Honolulu Market


Lemongrass Shrimp and Calamari Poke with marinated green papaya and chile tsukemono



Hula Grill


Hula Grill Waikiki Taegu Nairagi Poke Pc Hula Grill Waikiki

Photo courtesy of Hula Grill Waikīkī


Taegu Nairagi Poke: Nairagi, limu, ‘inamona, truffle mayo, taegu



Kalapawai Market

Multiple locations

Kalapawai Market Poisson Cru Poke Pc Kalapawai Market

Photo courtesy of Kalapawai Market


Poisson Cru: Local ‘ahi and poached white tiger shrimp marinated in lime juice and coconut milk, with Okinawan sweet potato, limu, tobiko, tomato and bell pepper gelée



Kapa Hale


Kapa Hale Smoked Ahi Poke Pc Kapa Hale

Photo courtesy of Kapa Hale


Smoky Poke: Cold-smoked ‘ahi, ‘inamona, Kahuku sea asparagus, Kolea Farm green garlic



K. Bay Bros Fish & Ice


K Bay Bros Crack Seed Ahi Poke Pc K Bay Bros

Photo courtesy of K. Bay Bros


Crack Seed ‘Ahi: ‘Ahi, masago, lemon peel shoyu, ‘inamona pesto



Mama Kim’s


Mama Kims Spicy Mentaiko Ahi Poke Pc Mama Kims

Photo courtesy of Mama Kim’s


Spicy Mentaiko ‘Ahi Poke: Fresh local ‘ahi mixed with spicy mentaiko sauce



The Moani





Nico’s at Pier 38


Nicos Ultimate Poke Pc Nicos

Photo courtesy of Nico’s


Ultimate Poke: Fresh ‘ahi, a‘u and salmon tossed in Nico’s secret sauce with limu, masago and sweet onions served on taro chips



Paradise Poke


Paradise Poke Hawaiian Alaea Poke 2 Pc Paradise Poke

Photo courtesy of Paradise Poke


Hawaiian Alaea Poke: Fresh local ‘ahi, alaea salt, ‘inamona, limu, local chile pepper



The Dining Room at Queen’s Medical Center West O‘ahu

‘Ewa Beach

Queens West Poke Americaine Pc Queens Medical Center West

Photo courtesy of Dining Room at Queen’s Medical Center West


Poke Americaine: ‘Ahi with limu and garlic chips, chilled sauce nantua, gingered shoyu and turmeric oil, smoked lomi salmon a la crème



Redfish Poke Bar by Foodland


Redfish Xo Poke Pc Redfish

Photo courtesy of Redfish


XO Poke: ‘Ahi, shrimp, bay scallops, vegan XO sauce, Mari’s Garden micro cilantro



Rice Box Café


Rice Box Cafe Ahi Hamachi Salmon Poke Pc Rice Box Cafe

Photo courtesy of Rice Box Café


‘Ahi, Hamachi and Salmon Poke with sea asparagus, arugula and sweet onion with a spiced chicharron chip



and …


Asato Family Shop


Asato Family Poke For Poke Fest Pc Asato Family Shop

Photo courtesy of Asato Family Shop


Li Hing Watermelon “Poke” with shiso, mint and pickled watermelon “onion” on a scoop of Li Hing Lemon sherbet



The Catering Connection




Da Lemonade Squad

Da Lemonade Squad 5

Photo courtesy of Da Lemonade Squad


Lemonade, frozen lemonade, slushies, floats, infused soda, iced tea



Sama Sama

Website Pictures Sama Sama

Photo courtesy of Sama Sama


Peach mango, strawberry, leche flan, ube and calamansi bubble teas



Snacks Galore Hawai‘i

Snacks Galor Furikake Chex Mix Pc Snacks Galore

Photo courtesy of Snacks Galore


Gummy bear bar, assorted Snacks Galore Chex Mix flavors, fruity energy bars



Sun Chong Hawai‘i


Sunchong Hilo Lychee Pc Sun Chong Grocery

Image courtesy of Sun Chong Grocery


Crack seed, lemon peel gummies, Hilo lychee, Mākaha Mangoes, logo merchandise