Juice cleanse at Blue Tree Cafe, Day 2

Blue Tree Cafe's house made almond milk and carrot ginger lemon juice

"After day two, the hunger goes away," say the people at Blue Tree Cafe. Which sounds a little like they're preparing you to die.

It's day two in our five-day cleanse, and aside from some hunger pains, it's not bad. Ries is the crankiest, though today we realized that he weighs twice as much as me, but gets the same amount of juice. So we're a little more forgiving now.

Not that I'm all sunshine and rainbows. "I can't tell if she's doing it to detox, or if it's her excuse to be bitchy at work," my husband says to a friend.

As far as other significant others go, Angie's boyfriend is not allowed to Instagram photos of food. Ries' is probably the happiest of them all. Wednesday Adams, his dog, gets more QT with him since Ries isn't out at Chez Kenzo every night.

Josh, our cleanse coach at Blue Tree Cafe, says that the blends we drink are designed to draw out toxins. Apparently, not just in our bodies; I overhear co-workers scheming on how to jump us with food on day four of the cleanse, proof that humankind is inherently evil.

Angie and I attended a going-away party at VLounge, smelling and watching people eat soppressata and prosciutto-topped pizzas while we sucked down 20 oz of Very Verde, a blend of kale and avocado.

Three more days.

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