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Detox: Blue Tree Cafe's juice cleanse, Day 1


Day one, preparing for the next three days of juicing: Java Up Tea (left), Very Verde smoothie and raw bars (right)

You know when something sounds like a good idea but really isn't? That's a juice cleanse. I'm on day one.

I heard about Blue Tree Cafe's five-day cleanse (which offers mostly juice, some smoothies, and tea), and thought a spring cleaning of my body seemed like a good idea, a detox from recent Big Island gluttony. I convinced two co-workers, Angie and Ries, to enlist along with me so we could commiserate and keep each other on it. It's $40 a day, which is more than Angie normally spends on food, but less than Ries spends drinking each day.

Normally, all of us can go three hours without eating. But suddenly, knowing that for the five days ahead of us we will subsist on juice, we start fantasizing about bacon, pizza, steaks, sushi. "I feel like everyone's talking about food, but they're not," Angie says of her co-workers. "They're just talking regular."

It's only three hours in and Angie can't stop talking about a bag of Cheez-Its in her car and Ries is suffering from caffeine withdrawal. I imagine eating the glorious glazed donuts in Saveur's donut issue.

We're advised to go to Blue Tree Cafe for each of our "meals" instead of picking up our food for the day; the nutrients in juice supposedly dissipate rapidly after squeezing and the smoothies just don't hold up well. Initially, it seems like a pain to have to stop by Blue Tree Cafe for every meal; in the end, it's a welcome escape from the smell of fries and beef curry in the office.

When we convene around the meal table, though, it looks very, very sad. A smoothie each, a small date bar. Usually, when people eat with me, the table cannot fit all the food I have ordered. I promised Angie and Ries that I'd take them to all-you-can-eat Korean barbecue at Sikdorak after all this is over.

In the meantime, it's time for my herbal laxative tea.

Blue Tree Cafe, 1009 Kapiolani Blvd., 591-2033

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