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Survival: Blue Tree Cafe Cleanse, Day 4


Carrot apple ginger beet juice

Yesterday, it was about pride. Today, it's about survival. I told Angie and Ries that I was quitting, that I wasn't going to wait for my body to eat my brain for energy.

They told me no.

So here we are. Yesterday, I was so euphoric, so active, so controlled. I was surrounded by food but was content to just admire it, the same way I admire hot men but keep my marriage intact.

I even had a sense of virtuousness, of being able to rise above hedonism (not something I am often called on to do as a food writer). I thought: this must be how the religious (who have their own fasts) and the vegans feel.

Today, I realized all that was the sort of euphoria and peace people feel before the body breaks down.

In other news, Angie had dizziness, nausea, stomach pain, chills, then a headache, in that order. But she looks pretty good today.

Ries lost six pounds. People tell him he looks great. They don't tell me that.

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