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Cheating: Blue Tree Cafe cleanse, Day 3


Left: breakfast juice (celery, cucumber, pineapple, kale, apple, lemon, ginger) and kombucha; right: almond milk and Blue Tree Blend with spirulina.

"I'm thinking about cheating," says Angie. We are, of course, talking about the cleanse, all we talk about these days in addition to discussing our bowel movements and their color.

She says she always thinks about cheating, but today is the worst.

Ries had dreams of cheating on the cleanse, of breaking down and eating a hamburger. As he tells me about it, I wonder if he's about to cry. Earlier in the day, he was "really f---ing angry," he says (we could tell). The anger was caused by something else, but being hungry magnified it. Apparently, he's having mood swings like a teenager.

But my first text from Angie this morning was "I feel skinny today," and Ries says he feels more trim, not so bloated from booze and food. So they're keeping at it, even though when I delivered lunch, both sipped dispiritedly on their green smoothie. An hour later, most of their drink remained. "Oh, you guys aren't hungry?" I asked. "No, we are," they said. They just weren't hungry for that. "I want to taste food!" Ries screams.

Me? I woke up with enough energy to be nice to my husband, enough energy to surf, and enough energy to attend Y. Hata's 100-year anniversary celebration while resisting the smell of sautéed garlic shrimp and the sight of a beautifully lacquered pork belly. I had saved my almond milk, one of my favorite liquids of the cleanse menu, for this occasion, to get me through the night. If I had been drinking the kombucha instead, which tastes like vinegar and smells of wet sponge, I think I would have made a scene with the slab of pork belly.

"I don't have the willpower," people say to me. Neither do I. But I am prideful, and I refuse to be the first person of our juice hui to cheat. 

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