HONOLULU Magazine - January 2008

Dinner Solved

THE STORY. Can you cook a gourmet dinner and enjoy the party, too? Three top chefs use their classic culinary skills to lead us through a successful dinner, start to finish. Because, once you solve the mystery of how to throw a great dinner party-the who, where and with what delicious dishes-everyone wins.


Kaneohe is no small town, but it is home to some classic mom-and-pop places. Here are five spots not to be missed.

Steve Aiu

In addition to rescuing stranded hikers and paddlers, this senior helicopter pilot with the Honolulu Fire Department battles Oahu's biggest wildfires.

Secret Sources?

State Rep. Blake Oshiro, (D), and Rep. Gene Ward, (R), will introduce bills this session that would shield journalists from having to reveal their sources in court. Are these bills a good idea?


...on buried bones, houseguests from hell and Chinatown as the "Honolulu Culture and Arts District."

Hawaiian ™

There's a small but skilled group of local artisans who practice crafts that were important to ancient Hawaiians. How can they make a living when foreign imitations of their work sell for much less?