HONOLULU Magazine - August 2013

Hawaii Xplorers summit Mauna Loa

On Aug. 18, a group of eight from the U.H. Ethnobiology Society’s Hawaii Xplorers Program successfully hiked a 13,680 feet to the peak of Mauna Loa, considered the largest mountain (in circumference) on the planet.

Hawaii's Wacky Races

It’s not enough anymore to simply run a marathon. No, these days, races are getting zany. Check out this passel of chases happening in the next year, each with their own gimmick.

Things to do in August

Don’t pack those school bags yet! Summertime isn’t over until a street party, some great guitarists and a sake shindig move through town.

August 2013: Table of Contents

The Pig and the Lady’s pho-French-dip banh mi. See the full “100 Best Dishes and Drinks” feature for details. Photo: Steve Czerniak   Features A Man, A Plan, An Island: Lanai Tech billionaire Larry Ellison has set out to transform…