HONOLULU Magazine Launches a Free Virtual Mental Wellness Series “Life Interrupted: Navigating What’s Next”

The four-part talk-story session tackles tough issues, shares resources and gives us much-needed tips to help us through our next steps.


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fter more than a year of living upended by the pandemic, we’re seeing some signs of relief from the crisis brought by COVID-19. But experts agree that a majority of us still feel the fallout of isolation, financial strain and grappling with mental health issues. 


To help our community get through these challenges, HONOLULU Magazine is proud to present a free four-part series with a new one-hour online session every other week, beginning May 6, Life Interrupted: Navigating What’s Next” gets into the complicated issues we are facing at home, at work, school, in our community. 


Mahalo to Dr. Jason Keifer, Brain Health Hawai‘i and the Kāhala Clinic for partnering as presenting sponsors for this year’s edition and to the Hawai‘i Association of Independent Schools. We kick off the series in May, Mental Health Month to help draw attention to the issues, nudge us toward solutions and resources available to help. 


Even as 2021 began, the state Health Department released a survey that showed 82% of Hawai‘I residents experienced a mental health condition during the latter half of 2020, with more than half reporting their symptoms began during the pandemic.


Mental health experts warn that our year of living anxiously has taken a toll but also are encouraged by the greater awareness that has come with this shared community trauma. Our webinars provide a chance to look forward as we share stories, tips and resources. Each Thursday at 1 p.m. our panels of experts will tackle a different topic and answer questions from our audience. 


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The Schedule:

May 6: “Life Interrupted: Navigating What’s Next—Changes for Home, Work, Community. Lockdowns, job loss, work from home, school from home shifted our lives. We missed milestones, mourned losses and re-evaluated what’s most important. Most of us had to find new ways to work without much warning. College students missed campus life, ceremonies and sports. How do we keep good lessons learned while striving to find our new groove? 
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May 20: “Life Interrupted: Navigating What’s Next—Helping Students Recover and Thrive” From preschool through high school, schools had to transform to find ways to reach students even as the pandemic put traditional learning methods in a timeout. Distance learning helped, some students thrived, other students disappeared. Worries about students falling behind mixed with caution needed to keep the community healthy. How do we find the best way to help our students recover from all this upheaval?
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June 3: “Life Interrupted: Navigating What’s Next—Caring for Parents/Grandparents.” Honolulu remains that big, small town where people look after their families, friends, neighbors, the whole community. However, our multi-generational families got hit hard by the pandemic, when families found themselves isolated from activities, traditions and each other. So much was disrupted: child care, elder care, important gatherings stopped, even memorials. How do we best pull together now?
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June 17: Life Interrupted: Navigating What’s Next—Alarming Trends and Silver Linings. Even before the pandemic, national statistics showed suicide has been trending upward for more than 15 years, showing especially alarming spikes in teens. We were forced to spend more time at home when so much of the community shut down The economy suffered while the environment gleamed. We spent more time outdoors, drank more, cooked more. While tourism-dependent Hawai‘i got hit hard by travel shutdowns, locals found we could go to the beach with our families without feeling pushed aside by crowds of visitors. Can our community find a better balance in the future? 
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This is the second season of “Life Interrupted,” which debuted last May and June, pulling together experts in our community to explore how we can help each other during difficult times. Each of the sessions was recorded and can be viewed online. 


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