Hard Seltzer’s Social-Savviest Brand is Coming to Hawai‘i

(Sponsored) Be the first to try Nectar’s Asian hard seltzers when it launches in Honolulu. When? Tomorrow, Feb. 5, at noon. Where? Read on to find out.


Nectar Hard Seltzer

Photo: Courtesy of Nectar Hard Seltzer



Raise your hand if you’ve jumped onto the hard seltzer band wagon. Who can blame us? Cold, refreshingly fizzy, conveniently packaged for transport and just light enough to bring on a baby buzz, these libations seem almost made for Hawai‘i’s hot weather, beach days and—if we’re being honest with ourselves—those midday moments that need a little (just a little) extra oomph.


If you’re tired of the same handful of flavors big name brands have been churning out—black cherry and lime, I’m looking at you—and are looking for something new to treat your tastebuds with, it’s time to add Cali-based brand Nectar’s Asian pear, mandarin orange, lychee and yuzu drinks to your rotation.



The nation’s first Asian hard seltzer brand only launched in December 2020, but it’s already in 250 stores along the West Coast. You can credit that in part to some seriously robust marketing presence on Instagram and TikTok (where it has already amassed roughly 11,000 and 51,000 followers, respectively), along with four exotic (to the seltzer scene, at least) flavors that make for some kickass warm weather sippin’. O‘ahu’s hard seltzer enthusiasts will soon have the chance to pop their first Nectar cans as it drops in Honolulu tomorrow, Feb. 5, noon at a secret location. The brand will be running a food drive for Hawai‘i Food Bank during that time, bring nonperishable canned food with you for a free Nectar pin!


When: Saturday, Feb. 5, at noon

Where: Text “aloha” to (310) 388-6729 for details on the secret location

Bring a donation of nonperishable canned food, receive a free Nectar badge of honor


For more information on Nectar, visit nectarhardseltzer.com.


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