Editor’s Page: Sometimes it is Easy to Be Green

Park it.


For three days this past fall, city parks were my office. I pulled on my single pair of running shoes (which I only don a few times a year) and partnered with staff photographer Aaron K. Yoshino for a full day of meeting kids for HONOLULU Family’s Cover Kid Search. In between giggles and racing to capture an image of a running toddler in mid-stride, Aaron and I would have a chance to catch our breath and look up.


I’ve never spent so much time contemplating the sunlight filtering through the canopies of some of our city’s majestic trees. More often, they’re just a serene backdrop as my daughters and I gather sticks or clamber up playground walls. In my fall visits, however, Aaron pointed out the bromeliads covering the massive branches of monkeypods and we mused about where to find the oldest trees in Honolulu. When food and dining editor Martha Cheng suggested during a HONOLULU brainstorming session that we focus on urban trees for our first issue of 2021, we were sold.

Splash November Christi Young 2018 Editor

Photo: Karen DB Photography.


As the city loses more of its canopy, Martha checks in with the people who are quietly re-greening Honolulu, sapling by sapling. Trees, of course, are essential for protecting our environment, but just the sight of them decreases stress levels. After a year of upheaval, we could all use more moments of serenity. So, we sent Aaron across the island to photograph several of Honolulu’s Exceptional Trees. Since the program was established in 1975, the first of its kind in the nation, more than 170 sites have been awarded protected status. You’ll find our photos of five of them and even more of Aaron’s photos as well as a link to The Outdoor Circle’s map so you can visit the impressive entities in person. It’s just one more reason to get out and look up.



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