Bits & Bites Serves Up Superior Cream Cheese Scones in Kailua

Don’t let the name fool you—this tiny cafe’s liliko’i, coconut and matcha white chocolate scones deliver big flavors.


Bits And Bites Cafe Chocolate Chip Scone Credit Maria Burkejpg

Photo: Maria Burke


If you don’t know for certain that a scone’s really good, is it even worth trying? Chock full of butter, carbs and calories, if it’s not exceptional, I don’t need it. Some scones can be a dense, dry moment that makes you desperate for clotted cream and curd. This is the question as I’m cruising around Kailua Town in the mood for something sweet and see at a shop the fateful word “scones.” I open the door and am lured in by intoxicating aromas of butter, sugar and—liliko‘i? More on that soon.


Bits And Bites Cafe Exterior Credit Maria Burke

Photo: Maria Burke


Bits & Bites Cafe can be found to the right of Double Three. It used to be Mama‘Nita Scones and now, four years later, this new shop is owned by Jessica Cai. A longtime cook who’s originally from China, Cai initially planned on serving more than sweets. But in part because an endless stream of customers continued to order scones and in part because she likes them, Cai made scones. Then, because she also likes bigger scones, she decided to make those, too. She also makes different flavors of crêpe cakes ($90) and Japanese souffle cheesecakes ($35) to order, but nowadays the tiny cafe is mainly known for delicious scones in a bunch of unique flavors.


Bits And Bites Cafe Cream Cheese Scone Lilikoi Credit Maria Burkejpg

Photo: Maria Burke


Cai’s glazed half-cream cheese, half-scone babies are so good. I get the liliko‘i cream cheese ($3.95) and it barely lasts long enough to take this picture. The tart, sugary glaze gives off an intoxicating liliko‘i scent and is a texture bomb. Your teeth break through the delicate glaze shell and sink into a mound of lush cream cheese and moist, buttery scone, with little toasty bits to round out your bite.


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I also order ube, matcha white chocolate, coconut, blueberry and chocolate chip (all $4.50). My favorites are the coconut and the matcha white chocolate. The coconut has a rich coconut flavor but manages to feel light and goes nicely with a cup of black tea. The matcha white chocolate has a lovely balance of earthy matcha and sweet, fragrant white chocolate. I’m a sucker for big, chunky chocolate chips so I devour the chocolate chip one as well.


Bits And Bites Cafe Assorted Scones Credit Maria Burkejpgjpg

Photo: Maria Burke


Since discovering Bits & Bites I’m constantly looking for a reason to swing by. Baby shower? Tea time? I got you! I’ve learned to order online with 24 hours notice to make sure I get exactly what I want. Now if someone could give me a reason to order the Japanese cheesecake, I’d really appreciate it.


320 Ku‘ulei Road, (808) 778-3352,, @bbckailua