Best of Biting Commentary 2019: Editor’s Favorites

In case you missed them: 10 of my favorite Biting Commentary stories of 2019.

10. Get Your Spicy Chinese Food Fix at Chengdu Taste

Published February 25

chengdu taste
Photo: Martha Cheng


I was so happy when Chengdu Taste reopened on the second floor of 808 Center, bigger and more unapologetically Chinese than ever. (Plus, Mian is open downstairs once again!)

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9. First Look: Skull & Crown Trading Co. 

Published June 14

skull and crown
Photo: Katrina Valcourt


It makes sense that our managing editor, Katrina, whose name eerily resembles La Catrina (the skeleton often associated with Día de los Muertos) and who is also obsessed with skulls, would be the first to visit the new tiki bar Skull & Crown. Also, she had me at Dole Whip. Plus rum. Together at last.

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8. What Are Honolulu Chefs Obsessed with Right Now?

Published June 3

honolulu chefs
Photo: Richard Walker


A Vermicular Musui-Kamado, screwpine and rose syrup, and more.

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7. Learn an Exclusive Vegetarian Recipe from Chef’s Table Star Jeong Kwan

Published March 25

monk chef


I’m not super interested in celebrity chefs. But celebrity monk chefs? Yes, please.

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6. J. Ludovico: The Island-Grown Chicken Found in Honolulu’s Best Restaurants

Published August 16

fete honolulu chicken


Says the social worker turned chicken farmer: “Man, I wish being hot right now translated into us making more money.”

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5. The Pig & the Lady Tokyo: What It Takes To Open a Hawai‘i Restaurant in Japan

Published November 6

pig and the lady tokyo


Hawai‘i sells. But for his first restaurant in Tokyo, Andrew Le is resisting Hawai‘ification.

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4. Taste Test: I Ate Every Dish on the Menu at Rangoon Burmese Kitchen

Published September 30



In the greatest dining feat of 2019 (though really, I don’t know how we’re ever going to top this), Sarah Burchard tried every single dish at Rangoon. All 74.

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3. Why McDonald’s Hawai‘i Has the Only Fried Apple Pies in the Country

Published March 6

fried apple pie
Photo: Martha Cheng


My favorite line from Victor Lim, McDonald’s Hawai‘i franchise owner: “It’s not so simple you can do fried pies again.”

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2. Find Your Next Favorite Fruit or Vegetable at the Variety Showcase

Published November 18



If I had a signature produce, it might be Love Lies Bleeding.

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1. An Introvert’s Guide to Dining Solo in Honolulu

Published October 21

Photo: Martha Cheng


Sometimes one is the best number.

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