10 of Our Favorite Hot Drinks to Warm Your Spirits

There’s something for everyone on this steamy and cozy drink (and broth) list.


Yes, we’re winter wimps. We like to bundle (and cuddle) up when there’s the slightest bite in the air. Our scarves get dusted off, coats get their moments, and we down our favorite warming winter drinks—including a London treat, charcoal elixir and salty mocha.


Arvo Pc Brie Thalmann

Photo: Brie Thalmann

Arvo’s Charcoal Latte

If Wednesday Addams of The Addams Family had a favorite coffee, this would be it. With its dark and moody appearance, Arvo’s charcoal latte might seem a bit heavy, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Surprisingly light and lovely, the drink pairs activated charcoal with two shots of espresso and house-made vanilla syrup for a slightly sweet, slightly smoky flavor. Plus, the activated charcoal supposedly helps your body filter out toxins, whitens teeth and even cures hangovers. —Brie Thalmann

Salt at Our Kaka‘ako, (808) 312-3979, arvocafe.com, @a_r_v_o



Morning Glass Mānoa Mint Fog

If you live in Mānoa, like me, you know it rains … a lot. Nothing warms you up more than a soothing bevy from Morning Glass. I’m a tea drinker, so the Mānoa Mint Fog is comes in clutch during the holiday season. Peppermint tea, local Mānoa honey and steamed milk get swirled up for a luscious, not-too-sweet sip. —Stacey Makiya

$6, 2955 E. Mānoa Road, (808) 673-0065, morningglasscoffee.com, @morningglasscoffee



Chad Lou Robbie Dingeman 4

Photo: Robbie Dingeman

Chad Lou’s Flat White

When the temperature dips below 70, I detour to Kailua’s Chad Lou Roasters to warm up with one of their fresh-roasted, signature blends of coffee, often a flat white ($5.75 for a double espresso with steamed milk and a little foam). I can grab a seat just outside to sip, feel toasty and contemplate my next move. I also can’t resist a coffee grown in Maunawili and roasted in Kailua. Go Windward! The family-run business carries at least five locally grown coffees as well as others sourced from around the globe. The blends will please even coffee snobs who take the time to select a roast and flavor profile that suits the mood. The store also stocks by the pound, grab-and-go snacks and cool coffee gear, including the tiny but effective Aeropress coffee maker. —Robbie Dingeman

45 Ho‘olai St., Suite B, Kailua, (808) 263-7930, chadlouscoffeeroasters.com, @chadlouscoffee


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Café Villamor’s Ginger Doodle Latte

Unless you’re a regular at the HiClimb rock-climbing gym, you could easily miss Café Villamor, a wee, cozy little gem tucked into a corner of the gym’s warehouse space. That would be a shame, especially during the holidays, because this coffee shop’s seasonal menu is as festive as they come. Particularly charming is the Ginger Doodle Latte, with all the warming, spicy goodness of a ginger doodle cookie—and just the right amount of sweetness, not to mention the cutest latte art that positively sleighs. —Natalie Schack

$6 for 12 ounces, 825 Ilaniwai St., (808) 888-2999, @hiclimbhawaii



Daily Whisk Matcha’s Salted Mac Nut

Silky, sensuous dark chocolate by Choco le‘a Hawai‘i. Creamy mac nut syrup by Pono Potions. Local espresso by Tradition Coffee Roasters. An elegant salt topping by Hale’iwa Salt Co. This salted mac nut mocha is what holiday collab dreams are made of, and the result is absolutely decadent. The catch? This is one seriously hawt toddy, so it’s going fast! (But don’t worry: Even if they run out, you can snag the Spiced Matcha Eggnog, made with Pono Potions spiced ‘ulu syrup and cinnamon.) —Natalie Schack

1114 11th Ave. (808) 490-3436, dailywhiskmatcha.com, @dailywhiskmatcha


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Gyotaku’s Miso Soup

There’s something so satisfying about a cup of miso soup. Sometimes, all I want is that warm broth—no green onion, tofu or wakame necessary. Whenever I get takeout from nearby Gyotaku, I always order something that includes it or make sure someone else in my family is willing to give me theirs. Forget the spoon, and slurp it like hot tea. —Katrina Valcourt

$2.50, multiple locations, gyotakuhawaii.com



Plantoem Pc Brie Thalmann

Photo: Brie Thalmann

Plantoem’s Honey Matcha Latte

Plantoem in Kaimukī combines two of my favorite things—coffee and plant shopping. Tucked at the rear of this botanical shop, past the jungle of trailing ficus and blossoming polka dot begonias, you’ll find a cozy café and one of my go-to hot drinks, the honey matcha latte. You get a double dose of caffeine from the brew’s base of Itoen matcha and freshly ground Puerto Rican Yaucono coffee beans, nicely sweetened with honey and oat milk. And the oxygen boost, courtesy of all the greenery? Just an added perk. —Brie Thalmann

3457 Wai‘alae Ave., (808) 807-7826, plantoem.com, @plantoem



Bone To Be Wild’s Bone Broth

For the sophisticated caveman reclining in his man cave, there’s bone broth from Kaua‘i’s Bone to be Wild, a savory beef or chicken stock that’s been simmered for days into the salubrious primal soup from whence we all came and will someday return. Packed with vitamins, minerals from humanely raised local beef, chicken and seasonal herbs and spices. Pinkies up, fellas. —James Nakamura

$25 for 30-ounce jar, online orders accepted at bonetobewildkauai.com, @bonetobewild.kauai



Island Vintage Coffee Hawaiian Honey Latte

Hawaiian honey latte with almond milk and a toasted slice of banana poi bread are my go-tos here. Simple and sweetened with 100% local honey, a dash of cinnamon, plus latte art! —Christine Labrador

$6.75 for 12-ounce, multiple locations, islandvintagecoffee.com, @islandvintagecoffee



Pono Potions Stacey 600x80023

Photo courtesy of Stacey Makiya

Pono Potions’ Smith Street Sunrise

I love honey. I love ginger. And I love cinnamon. So it makes sense that I would pick this Pono Potions latte that has it all, plus steamed milk. It has a super light coffee taste (‘cause I’m not a big java fan), and a honey-creamy flavor with a kiss of ginger. It makes me want to snuggle in bed with a Hallmark movie, but the instant buzz gives me enough energy to start(!) Christmas shopping. —Stacey Makiya

$6, 1119 Smith St., ponopotions.com, @ponopotions


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