October 2005


HONOLULU Photo Contest 2005

Presenting the winners of the 2005 Honolulu Magazine/Hotels & Resorts of Halekulani Photo Contest

40 Things Every Local Must Do

40 Things Every Local Must Do

Don't Ask, Do Tell

Ten questions your doctor isn't asking you-and why the answers can help you get healthier.


Letters to the Editor: October

Special Section: Fish Packets

Special Section: Buy Fresh, Buy Local

It's a simple concept, but supporting Hawai'i's farmers is not as easy as you might think. Here's how you can help.

Special Section: Beer Sausage & Cabbage

Special Section: Banana Macadamia Nut Pudding Cups

Special Section: Asparagus & Fried Eggs

Special Section: Soybean Hummus

Special Section: Zucchini Ribbon Salad

Calabash: Clipping Service

Calabash: Q+A

Jerry Glanville

Calabash: Our Town: The Pumehana

An old building gets a whole new hue.

Calabash: Suck 'Em Up!

Where's the beach? Out to sea, so a new initiative in Waikiki is bringing it back.

Calabash: Who Sunk the Ala Wai?

O'ahu's largest state-run harbor is in dire need of repair.

Calabash: River of Life

The truth is, you never know the story of the man on the corner.

Calabash: Fabulously Festive

Halloween is just around the corner, but these shops go all out with head-to-toe costumes year round.

Calabash: Samurais, Godzilla and Cowboys-oh my!

HIFF celebrates its 25th anniversary, with movies, movies, movies.

Calabash: October Heads Up!

Calabash: Scene: Ulua Theatre

Jason Scott Lee's New Artistic Venture.

Calabash: Music Review

Jake Shimabukuro - Dragon

Dining: Chinatown, Our Chinatown

Like the rest of Hawai'i, Honolulu's Chinatown has turned multicultural.

From Our Files: October

Afterthoughts: The Hip-Pocket City

Living on the Big Island, I've learned to love Honolulu even more.