March 2007


Best of Honolulu 2007

It’s that time of year again. We’ve scoured the island, grilled the experts and enlisted your help to bring you the best “Best of Honolulu“ ever.

A Great Day Out

Photographer Sergio Goes took his camera around O‘ahu and found people and places that remind us all why we love living in Hawai‘i.

Our City on Rails

After decades of false starts, Honolulu is closer than it’s ever been to a mass-transit rail system. So what’s next? What’s this thing going to look like? And will it work?


Letters 03|07

Fast Fact: Crude Numbers

Sports: Surf Lassoes Colt

Lotus Soundbar

Music Review

Ahumanu: The Gathering, Ahumanu (Ululoa Productions)

Books: The Insider

Columnist Eddie Sherman chronicles Hollywood in Hawai‘i.

Lucky You Eat Hawai‘i

If you had to list all your favorite Hawai‘i foods, what would they be?

By the Numbers

2007: The Priciest Year Yet

Field Guide: Kahala

We explored the area under the H1 overpass and found everything from pizza to puppies.

Shopping: Tie One On

A look inside Nervous Water, the only fly-fishing store in the Islands.

Arts: Return to Romance

A new festival features timeless songs.

7 Reasons to Get Out of the House

Diplomacy: Meet Your New Sister

Congratulations! It’s a Rabat.

Scene: Bishop Street Rant

Downtown’s loss, and gain, changes our view.

Another Way Home

Scrap Yard: The Akaka Bill

This legislative session, Sen. Daniel Akaka has once again introduced the Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act, first proposed in 2000, which would grant Hawaiians the same federal recognition enjoyed by Native American tribes. In our first monthly Scrap Yard, we sought out two opposing viewpoints on the Akaka Bill.

From Our Files


Break That Mold

Enough of this “cookie-cutter” notion of the Mainland.

Health: Expanding the View

Research on the Big Island examines how diabetes affects different races.

Environment: Bat Patrol

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s ... the Hawaiian hoary bat?

CD: New Sounds of Japan

Food: Gettin’ Dressed

Forget ranch, Thousand Island and blue cheese. Who needs run-of-the-mill salad dressings when we’ve got tasty creations made especially for us in Hawai‘i? Here are just five of the Islands’ offerings.

Books: Written on the Body

Author Tricia Allen on tattoos and culture.

Our Town: Waikiki Beach Walk