February 2012


Walking Honolulu's Queen Street

Walking Honolulu's Queen Street

Where Honolulu’s urban past and future meet.

The King of Chinatown

The King of Chinatown

How Dave Stewart revived an ailing neighborhood with booze and six simple rules.

The First Hawaiians: Native Plants

The First Hawaiians: Native Plants

These plants, many found nowhere else in the world, welcomed the first Hawaiians to their new home and became essential in everyday life.

Best Dentists in Hawaii 2012

Best Dentists in Hawaii 2012

HONOLULU Magazine helps you find the dentist you need with this list of 214 top dentists in the Islands. They come highly recommended—by other dentists who know their work best.


2012 Best Dentists in Hawaii


Food: Sushi Robots!

Think your sushi is hand-made? You might be surprised.

Around Town: Piano Man at Nordstrom

Richard Lowe is Nordstrom's 83-year-old reserve pianist with a repertoire of jazz, show tunes and musicals.

Around Town: Things to Do in February in Hawaii

This month, careen through Chinatown, hang with Oscar and get close to koi.

Arts: Graffiti Gallery at Loft in Space

Art Goes Pow: At this show, you can watch the art being made.

Shopping: Houseware Collection from Designer Kaypee Soh

On the Table: Kaypee Soh serves up a stylish new houseware collection.

Shopping: New Jewelry at Honolulu Boutiques

Objects of Desire: Newly available at local boutiques, three jewelry lines are causing a gold rush.

Shopping: Tools for the Home Garden

Create your own garden of delights with charming tools and accessories.

Shopping: Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

Heat Faves: Spark a little Valentine’s affection with fun, hotly hued finds for the ones you love.

Shopping: New Accessories for Spring

Main Attractions: These accessories are the big, breakout stars for spring fashion in Honolulu.

Shopping: New Keiki Boutique Opens in Ward Centers

Life’s Little Luxuries: A new keiki boutique generates serious baby buzz.

Environment: Millerbirds on Laysan Island

Nest Building: A Northwestern Hawaiian Island is getting back the birds it lost almost 100 years ago.

Dining: Sushi Robots!

Think your sushi is hand-made? You might be surprised.

Afterthoughts: Afterthoughts: Remembering John

Honolulu will not be the same without Heckathorn.