February 2006


Hana Hou!

How did the first Hawaiian music Grammy change the local music industry? Look no further than this year's nominations.

Sexy Fishbowl

Modernist chic in a Nu'uanu apartment


Better and better

Thoughts on the Grammy Awards and crime.

Bubbly Personalities

Put a little sparkle in your romance with one of these Champagne-themed gift ideas.

Books: Settling for More

Two Honolulu-based authors are teaching readers how to take responsibility for their love lives.

Island Bound

For ambitious young professionals, the Mainland beckons with opportunities. But for some, the Islands' pull is stronger.

Music Review

Na Pali, Na Pali, Awapuhi Productions 2005

Walk on the Wild Side

Most wild game isn't wild but that doesn't mean it's not worth eating.

Media: The UnKINEdest Cut


Sports: Sunny Moves On

A post-retirement Sunny Garcia looks back on the surfing life.


Lois-Ann Yamanaka


HONOLULU Magazine and Paradise of the Pacific, chronicling the Islands since 1888.

HOT Italians

Opera, that is.

Books: Gen X Nostalgia

New releases bring back '70s and '80s Hawaii.

Diamond Head