February 2006


Hana Hou!

How did the first Hawaiian music Grammy change the local music industry? Look no further than this year's nominations.

Sexy Fishbowl

Modernist chic in a Nu'uanu apartment


Letters to the Editor: February

Calabash: Music Review

Na Pali, Na Pali, Awapuhi Productions 2005

Calabash: Q+A

Lois-Ann Yamanaka

Calabash: Books: Settling for More

Two Honolulu-based authors are teaching readers how to take responsibility for their love lives.

Calabash: Diamond Head

Calabash: Books: Gen X Nostalgia

New releases bring back '70s and '80s Hawaii.

Calabash: Bubbly Personalities

Put a little sparkle in your romance with one of these Champagne-themed gift ideas.

Calabash: Sports: Sunny Moves On

A post-retirement Sunny Garcia looks back on the surfing life.

Calabash: HOT Italians

Opera, that is.

Calabash: Media: The UnKINEdest Cut

Dining: Walk on the Wild Side

Most wild game isn't wild but that doesn't mean it's not worth eating.

From Our Files: February

HONOLULU Magazine and Paradise of the Pacific, chronicling the Islands since 1888.

Afterthoughts: Island Bound

For ambitious young professionals, the Mainland beckons with opportunities. But for some, the Islands' pull is stronger.