December 2005


In the mood for love?

Flirting 101

Going Solo

Single in Honolulu

A peek into the sometimes daunting,sometimes exhilarating world of Island singles.

Back in the Game


Gift Us With Your Presents

We hit three of Honolulu's newest stores for a holiday gift-list blitz.

The Package Deal

Q+A: Larry Bush

Since September 2004, Larry Bush has served as the president and CEO of the YMCA of Honolulu. Bush has been the leader of the three major projects that represent the group's future: new YMCAs in Kalihi, Waipahu and Wai'anae. Bush, who turns 59 this month, also remains active in the YMCA's global arena, going to Taiwan in November, to serve as both the Honolulu and U.S. representative at the annual Six YMCA Conference (Singapore, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and O'ahu).

Making the Move

There's a story behind everyone who lives in the Islands.


HONOLULU Magazine and Paradise of the Pacific, chronicling the Islands since 1888.

Flora's Orchids

Music Review

Brittni Paiva, Hear ..., Talmidim Productions

The Perfect Dinner Date

It's scientific truth: There's nothing more romantic than a meal.

Lights, China, Action

Guns will blaze at the Chinese Film Festival.

New Year's Eve Around the Islands

Looking for a hot event on December 31? Ring in the New Year at one of these parties.

Stunt Double Vision

On the set of Lost, Hawai'i's professional stuntmen and stuntwomen roll with the punches.

Top Gun

Mild-mannered dentist by day, lethal spear-gun creator by night.

Clipping Service

Our Town: What's behind those bricks?

The Date Street Mini Park Pumping Station.

Books: The Literature of ... Mililani?

A new collection of short stories focuses on young women in suburbia.


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Too Hot to Handle

Mild or spicy? If you are among the small tribe of redheads living in Hawai'i, it's hard to convince chefs to serve you the latter.