August 2004


Art, On and Off the Wall

Collectors Flock to Showcase Local Art.

Can We Make Honolulu Cool?

The city and county of Honolulu wants to change the way the city looks. Is “smart growth” the way to go?

Shipping Out

This Spring, 9,000 troops left Hawai‘i. Of these, 5,000 went to Afghanistan and 4,000 to Iraq. It was the largest Hawai‘i deployment since the Vietnam War.

The Silent Language of Jade

Learning the lingo leads to a new appreciation.


Letters to the Editor: Letters

Special Section: A Boot Camp for Foodies

Special Section: Vegetarian Bon Vivants

As the baby boomers age, they demand healthier food from their favorite chefs.

Special Section: Gourmet Style Introduction

Special Section: Anything Goes, Anyone Can Go There

What’s new in wines and spirits.

Special Section: You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

Hawaii Regional Cuisine is not over. It’s only just begun.

Calabash: Crunk 101

Calabash: Travel: Nova Scotia’s Cabot Trail

Calabash: Maui in Your Freezer

Calabash: Hookin’ Up

With Global Pau Hana, you’re never far from Hawai‘i

Calabash: Who Loves Liliha?

Calabash: Q+A Brickwood Galuteria

Calabash: Our Town: Yokohama Specie Bank Building

Calabash: Costumes, Drums, Comedy

Not every opera is an epic Germanic cycle or Italian tragedy. In fact, one opera is downright silly.

Calabash: Driving Maui Mad

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