April 2004


Hawaii’s Killer: Leptospirosis

After a century, we still underestimate leptospirosis. And what we don’t know can kill us

Seven Deadly Local Sins

The 21st Annual Honolulu Magazine Starbucks Coffee Hawai‘i Fiction Contest Grand Prize Winner

Who Makes What

We take a peek at the paychecks of your friends and neighbors.

His House/Her House

We know men and women’s tastes can differ on home furnishings and décor. So this month, we sent a pair of writers into Honolulu’s showrooms to find out what would catch their eye.


Team Effort

We double-teamed a lot of the features in this issue.

Constitution Abuse

The right to marry doesn’t come from your neighbors, or society, or President Bush.

From Our Files

HONOLULU Magazine and Paradise of the Pacific—chronicling the Islands since 1888.

Big News from The Big Island

There’s been an explosion of restaurants on the Volcano Isle.

OurTown: J Salon

Q+A Stephen Little

The Reel Story



Egg Him On

Mamaka Kaiao

New Hawaiian Language Dictionary