Zippy’s Lent Menu Has Indulgent Meatless Weekend Specials

Friday fish plates and Korean tofu burgers are at your nearest Zippy’s until Easter.


If you are observing Lent you may be giving up meat on Fridays, or altogether, for the entirety of the 40-day observance— but you don’t have to give up your favorite local flavors. Until early April, Zippy’s is offering meatless weekend specials fit for pescatarian and vegetarian eaters.


The Lent specials include two vegetarian takes on the best-selling Korean fried chicken. The Korean Fried Tofu Plate and Korean Fried Tofu Burger are available every Friday to Sunday until April 9. Two fish specials, the Fish Trio plate and Fried Ahi Belly plate, are available on Fridays through April 7 except on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17.


And of course, daily plates like vegetarian chili and other fish plates are always a safe go-to option when you need your Zippy’s fix but want to stay true to meatless eating.


Check out the Zippy’s meatless specials menu for availability at your nearest location. Prices vary slightly by location and by whether you eat in or take out. You can order the specials in store and online starting at 10:30 a.m. on Fridays and weekends—and don’t forget the mac salad!


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Korean fried tofu plate

Zippys Korean Tofu Plate Pc Annabelle Le Jeune

Photo: Annabelle Le Jeune

Coated in panko and deep-fried to a crispy golden crunch, the Korean Fried Tofu ($9.75) resembles agedashi tofu and does not disappoint. Doused in the same sauce as Zippy’s Korean fried chicken, three slices of tofu are topped with green onion. Choose from the classic plate lunch style with two scoops of rice and a side of mac salad, or opt for a side of fries, brown rice or tossed greens.


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Korean fried tofu burger

luscious-looking fried korean style tofu burger with cheese, tomatoes and lettuce

Photo: Annabelle Le Jeune

The Korean Fried Tofu Burger ($8.50) levels up the classic veggie tofu burger. The tofu patty includes diced carrots, onion, mushroom and green onions—and for the Lent menu, it’s dipped in panko, deep-fried and drizzled with that sweet Korean-style sauce. Lettuce, tomato and onion top the patty between soft burger buns. You can add on cheese, pair with fries or enjoy it just like this. It’s seriously good—I wish I could get this year-round.

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Fish trio plate and Fried ‘ahi belly plate

plate lunch with grilled salmon, fried ahi belly and hoki with rice and macaroni salad

The fish trio. Photo: Lee Tonouchi

Longtime Frolic contributor and pidgin expert Lee Tonouchi chanced upon the Friday-only fish specials at a family dinner last week. Here’s his report:

Inside da Fish Trio Plate ($15.35) get fried ‘ahi belly, fried hoki and grilled salmon. Da hoki stay not as firm as Zippy’s mahi, but I like ’em mo’ bettahs. And salmon stay nahting fancy, but no can go wrong with basic grilled salmon. I wuz mostest curious how Zippy’s new fried ‘ahi belly wuz going taste. I wuz worried might be dried out, but HO, SHE GO! Wuz sooo moist on da inside with one nice crisp outside. Winnahs!

Aftah I ordered dis I found out dey also get one plate featuring just da fried ‘ahi belly ($15.95). Garanz ballbaranz, das what I getting next time. Both these fish specials stay available on Fridays til April 7 except for St. Patrick’s Day on Friday, March 17 when everybody going be eating da corned beef cabbage special.


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