Zippy’s Breakfast Bento Is the Tastiest Reason to Download the Free AlohaSafe App ASAP

We‘re so close! Here‘s how to help Hawai‘i fight COVID and score 25% off an all-day breakfast pack.


Zippy's Breakfast Bentos

Photo: Courtesy of Zippy’s


Which Zippy’s bento are you? Just kidding, this is not that post. The real question is, which Zippy’s breakfast bento are you getting when we hit 450,000 downloads of the AlohaSafe app?


That’s the magic number for Zippy’s to unlock a 25% discount on all five breakfast bentos for a full week—IF we hit that number by 11:59 p.m. next Friday, March 26. According to Zippy’s Instagram, we were at 415,981 downloads as of Tuesday.


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Why it matters: AlohaSafe, which is free and available for Androids and iPhones, helps tamp down COVID infection rates by letting you know when you’ve been in close, prolonged contact with someone else who has the app and has tested positive for COVID. The app doesn’t use or track any geo-location or GPS data and doesn’t share user identities with anyone including other users, the government, Google or Apple. It runs in the background, meaning you don’t have to open it or do anything. It tells you if your phone has been within six feet of an infected user’s phone for a total of at least 15 minutes. Then it’s up to you to contact your doctor, get tested, let your friends and family know.



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AlohaSafe was developed by Frolic’s sister company aio Digital with the state Department of Health and support from other companies, nonprofits and community groups. It rolled out at the beginning of this year. Zippy’s signed on “so that Hawai‘i can move beyond this pandemic and start moving towards economic stability once again,” the company told us in an email. “Local people tend to come together when times are tough, so we want to provide a small mahalo to everyone in Hawai‘i when we reach that goal.”


If we can get 35,000 more downloads by next Friday, then from Monday, March 29 until Friday, April 2, any Zippy’s customer can get a 25% discount on the five breakfast bentos. Which, for the record, come with choices of Portuguese sausage, corned beef hash, Spam and bacon plus scrambled eggs and rice. Spread the word!, @alohasafealert