Your go-to: Fried chicken

Last week the Frolic team shared our faves. Now it's your turn

A bunch of you weighed in after we published Our go-to: Fried chicken last week — especially on Facebook, where the post got 45 comments and 87 shares. Some of you agreed with our go-to picks; others couldn’t believe your faves got left out. 

The results? Your go-to fried chicken picks are as varied as ours! Between Facebook comments (including comments on shared posts), Instagram and our website, you came up with 21 go-to spots (and mourned two more that have closed) from Waialua to Kaneohe and Waikiki to Waianae.

Here are your picks, starting with multiple vote-getters:

Chicken Alice (long closed)
Cary Okawa “Chicken Alice was the only fried chicken I just had to have. Her recipe was so addicting”
Tadder Tots — “Chicken Alice’s was the best! She shared her recipe on the news but I can’t make it taste like hers”
Ryan Kam — “I tried too … came close but not the same”

Itchy Butt
Joe and Dina Quanico
Virgil Madriaga-Balaoing

Justin Dang
Kikaida — “Perfectly fried. Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside and not greasy”

KJ’s Local Grindz
Ehren Pierle
Monchalee Ota

Max’s of Manila
Joe and Dina Quanico
Ross Hamamura — “Max’s Restaurant did not make the list; it’s one of my favorites. It’s all about the crispy skin”

Paalaa Kai Mini Mart
Lisa Rodrigues — “My favorite place to go on my way to Mokuleia Beach”
Arlina Agbayani — “It has to be crispy and hot. I’m in love with Paalaa’s chicken! Broke da mouth!”

Rose Baraquio Harman
Justin Dang

Ray’s Cafe
Ramfis Benigno — “Seven hours later still packs a crunch”
Paul Chan — “Ray’s Cafe has the fried chicken delivered to your table piping hot. It’s hard to resist fried chicken when I go there. Chef Felix executes it so well. That gets my vote as the best fried chicken on the island.”

Soul Patrol (now closed)
Ivan Nishimura — “Chef Sean Priester’s Soul Patrol had the best fried chicken! Soaked in a buttermilk/brine before it hit the fryer … super tender!” 
Tadder Tots — “That chicken is one of the best I’ve ever had, even compared to spots in Louisiana!” 

Tanioka’s Seafoods & Catering
Malia Hu
Kris Pak

Kawena Hayashi
Randy Wong — “Huge Zippy’s fried chicken fan here! Get it to go and dunk it in Maharani vindaloo ftw”

Fete fried chicken
Fete’s $31 twice-fried chicken made Our Top 5: Fried chicken 2.0 ranking in 2016.
. – Photo credit Thomas Obungen

Fastop Waianae: Paul Au

Fete: Heidi Better Hong

Foodland: Kris Pak — “Foodland at 5 p.m. is definitely worth a mention … and for the price”

KJ's fried chicken plate
KJ’s fried chicken combo plate, $10

Kona Bill’s: Robert Anderson — “Kona Bill’s at Aloha Petroleum service station in Waikiki serves up some ono fried chicken”

Lahaina Chicken Company: Dwayne Yuen

Lahaina fried chicken
Three-piece fried chicken plate from Lahaina Chicken Company, $14.50. – Photo credit Lee Tonouchi

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Liliha Bakery: Yvonne Macy

Liliha Bakery fried chicken
Liliha Bakery three-piece fried chicken plate, $16.50. – Photo credit Thomas Obungen

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Pancakes & Waffles: Joy Shimabukuro

Pancakes and Waffles fried chicken
Pancakes & Waffles’ fried chicken plate lunch, $9.45 (min), $10.95 (regular)

Piggy Smalls / The Pig & The Lady: Debbie McKee

Safeway: Virgil Madriaga-Balaoing

Sakana Grill: Malia Manol Espinda — “Sakana’s is addicting! Soooo ono!”

Sam’s Delicatessen: Chris Lee 

Tanioka’s Seafoods & Catering: Kris Pak