Where to Get All-You-Can-Eat Crab, Poke and Butterfish Every Weekend

(Sponsored) Starting April 10, Plumeria Beach House will offer its fresh seafood buffet every Saturday.


Plumeria Beach House Exterior1

Photo: Courtesy of Plumeria Beach House




lumeria Beach House, the Kāhala Hotel and Resort’s casual indoor/outdoor restaurant, isn’t just known for its beachside view. Its served seafood buffet, held every first and last Saturday evening of the month, has been a popular dining choice for diners as well. And starting this Saturday, April 10, the Kāhala restaurant will be expanding its all-you-can-enjoy dinner to every Saturday, with all dates currently scheduled up through the end of May.


Plumeria Beach House Seafood Buffet

Photo: Courtesy of Plumeria Beach House



What’s offered at a seafood buffet? At Plumeria Beach House, you can expect the menu to include plenty of raw fish in the form of sashimi, poke and sushi, three different types of crab, misoyaki butterfish and cioppino—a classic Italian stew made with a tomato broth base and flavored with shrimp, mussels, clams and fresh catch—a new menu item. A generous selection of salads, sides and desserts, including The Kāhala’s signature bread pudding with crème anglaise.


Beginning this Saturday, April 10, Plumeria Beach House’s seafood buffet will be available every Saturday from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. Prices are $78 per adult and $39 per child ages 6 through 12. Reservations can be made at (808) 739-8760. For more information, visit kahalaresort.com. For updates, follow @kahala_resort on Instagram.



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