What You’ll Find in 3 Local Eco-Focused Shops in Hawai‘i

It’s Earth Month people, so schedule a visit to the new crop of neighborhood stores featuring sustainable and ethically sourced items for the ultimate guilt-free shopping spree.


Every Day Better by Green Meadows

Everyday Better by Green Meadows

Photo: Courtesy of Every Day Better By Green Meadows



Opened: November 2019

What’s in Store: Kitchen and personal health supplies, cleaners and an eclectic assortment of gifts including Makana candles, books, cards, clutches and globes we’d love to have on our desks.

Refillable Bar? No

Find This Here:  A chic section of mini wall and table vases along with locally harvested air plants.

Details: 1223 Koko Head Ave., Suite 2, (808) 737-7770, everydaybetterbygreenmeadows.com, @everydaybetter_by_greenmeadows


Everdaymeadows Vase

Slant vase/planter, $12.95 at Every Day Better by Green Meadows. Photo: Aaron K. Yoshino



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Protea Zero Waste

Protea Zero Waste Interior

Photo: Courtesy of Protea Zero Waste



Opened: June 2020

What’s in Store: Kitchen and personal health supplies, cleaners, refillable bottles and accessories including travel coffee cups made from coffee husks and colorful compostable phone cases.

Refillable Bar? Yes

Find This Here: A full line of vegan, ethically made cosmetics including face powder, a range of eye shadows, blush, mascara and lip balm.

Details: 35 Kainehe St., Kailua, (808) 744-0184, proteazerowaste.com, @proteazerowaste


Protea Elate

Elate Cosmetics, $16–$42 at Protea Zero Waste. Photo: Courtesy of @planitbranding



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Keep it Simple

Keep It Simple shelf

Photo: Courtesy of Keep It Simple



Opened: December 2020

What’s in Store: Kitchen and personal health supplies, cleaners, wood dishes, a wall of refillable bottles and a surprising selection of fashion accessories including caps and local jewelry.

Refillable Bar? Yes

Find This Here: Glammed-up Standing Glad beaded sandals. All profits from the sandals go to help provide education for kids in Kenya.

Details: 3571 Wai‘alae Ave., (808) 744-3115, keepitsimplezerowaste.com, @keepitsimplehonolulu


Keepsimple Sandals

Standing Glad sandals, $35 at Keep It Simple. Photo: Aaron K. Yoshino