Earth Day: These 9 Eco-Friendly Products Will Help You Save The Planet

Kick the single-use plastics and pack your homemade lunch with these stylish reusable wraps, utensils and lunch boxes that you can buy at local stores or order online.


With plastic taking hundreds of years to degrade, it’s safe to say that every single piece of plastic you’ve ever tossed in the trash is still in existence. Opt for a tasty homemade lunch with these earth-friendly and stylish lunchbox additions that will serve as a conversation piece for others and a pat on the back for yourself every time you use them.



Thalia Travel Flatware



Enjoy your meal-prepped or leftover lunch with a cute set of wooden travel flatware from Thalia. The set comprises an aesthetically pleasing fork, spoon and pair of chopsticks in a printed cloth envelope that ties together for a secure and compact pouch for your meals on the go.

$18, available at all local Anthropologie stores,


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Mori by Art+Flea To-Go Ware Set


Shop local and stop by Mori by Art+Flea in South Shore Market for a set of wooden to-go utensils in a slim, Velcro-secured pouch with a fork, spoon, knife and set of chopsticks.

$22, Mori by Art+Flea at South Shore Market, 1170 Auahi St.,



Klikk Cutlery Set

Photo: Courtesy of Anthropologie


If you’re prone to losing things or you enjoy a muted color palette for your utensils, Klikk has a cutlery set with a fork, knife and spoon trio that clicks together for an ultra-compact and stylish reusable set. Klikk’s long-lasting cutlery is made of recyclable thermoplastic made from renewable resources and is also microwave- and dishwasher-safe.

$14, available at all local Anthropologie stores,



Lunch Boxes and Bowls

Prepd Pack

Prepd Pack
Photo: Katie Kenny


The chic and functional lunch box from Prepd Pack is complete with a large container for your main dish, two small containers for your sides, a small dressing pot and a set of magnetic cutlery. The case with a snap closure and a bamboo finish proves that adults can have cool lunch boxes, too. If you feel like having smaller meals throughout the day rather than one big meal, Prepd offers its leakproof containers in different sizes to configure the lunchbox to your needs.

$69, Prepd Pack,



Mepal Lunchpot



Kick the plastic packaging from a store-bought parfait and opt for the Lunchpot by Mepal. The two-part container has a secure larger cup on the bottom and another on top to keep ingredients separated until you’re ready to chow down. The Lunchpot is dishwasher-, freezer- and microwave-safe and comes in eight colors.

$22, available at all local Anthropologie stores and


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W&P Porter Bowl – Ceramic

Photo: Katie Kenny


Get excited for your home salads or rice bowls with the ceramic Porter Bowl. The sturdy 7.5-inch-wide bowl fastens its lid with a snap-tight silicone strap that you can safely pop in the microwave or dishwasher. Grab the bowl in a neutral beige, blush or mint color and you might find yourself Instagramming your home lunch for a change.

$42, available at all local Anthropologie stores and



Wraps and Bags




A greener alternative to single-use plastic baggies, Stasher’s air-tight silicone bags are made from petroleum- and latex-free materials that you can pop into your bag for a quick bite to eat. The Stashers come in four sizes whether you need to take some crackers, a sandwich or an entire sliced pineapple on the go. Stasher bags are also safe to use at high temperatures, so you can use them to cook dinner sous vide.

$54 for a bundle of four, available at all local Anthropologie stores and



Green Zips


Marinate, cook, preserve and snack with reusable silicone baggies from Green Zips. The leakproof and resealable bags are made from BPA-free silicone and come in four bright colors. Toss them in the dishwasher and feel good knowing you’ll be saving more than a couple plastic baggies from ending up in the ocean.

$24 for a set of four, Green Zips,



Bee’s Cotton Wrap



Did you know that the ancient Egyptians used waxed cloth to preserve and store food? Call it the new-old-fashioned wrap, Bee’s Cotton Wrap from the North Shore of O‘ahu makes a beeswax wrap to preserve your food or so you can take it on the go. The washable wraps that come in dainty prints also have antibacterial properties so you can wrap with a peace of mind.

$20 for a small/medium bundle, Guava Shop Hale‘iwa, 66-111 Kamehameha Highway, #40, Guava Shop Kailua, 131 Hekili St., #113,



Meli Wraps


Childhood friends Melia Foster and Nicole Galchutt originally created Meli Wraps in their garage in Kauai‘i in the hopes of reducing single-use plastics on their island. Now made on Hawai‘i Island and in Oregon, the company has brought its roots to the Mainland with aloha-inspired prints. Made with organic cotton, tree resin, plant oils and a special blend of beeswax, the wraps are made with locally sourced ingredients and are water resistant as well.

$18 for a small/medium two pack, Down To Earth Kaka‘ako, 500 Keawe St., Down to Earth Honolulu, 2525 S. King St.,



SoYoung Lunch Poche

SoYoung Lunch Poche


The Lunch Poche (French for “pocket”) is an ultra-mod-style lunch box that could easily pass as a high-fashion messenger bag. The linen outside and insulated interior makes for a functional lunch box that has room for your breakfast, lunch and in-between snacks. For an easy cleanup, just remove the insulated insert and wipe it down so it’s ready for the next morning.

$44, available at all local Anthropologie stores,


Read more about the effects single-use plastics on our oceans here.