What to Read in Summer 2022: 5 Hawai‘i Books to Bring to the Beach

Our friends at da Shop: Books + Curiosities have your local summer reading list, from a young author’s debut to a cookbook you’ll want to pick up before your next potluck.


Summer means it’s time to hit the beach and the books! With some highly anticipated new releases this month, along with tried-and-true favorites, there’s something for everyone’s summer reading list:


Da Shop June Nuclear

Photo: da Shop: Books + Curiosities


Nuclear Family

by Joseph Han

A contemporary novel about a Korean family in Hawai‘i whose life is about to change for the better when it’s thrown into turmoil after the eldest son goes viral online trying to cross the DMZ. Local debut novelist Joseph Han presents a portrayal of an intergenerational family with humor and a touch of magical realism, all in the months leading up to the 2018 false missile alert in Hawai‘i.


Da Shop June Punky

Photo: da Shop: Books + Curiosities


Punky Aloha

by Shar Tuiasoa

Meet Punky Aloha, a little girl who loves to do a lot of things, except make new friends. But with some help from her grandmother, magical sunglasses and the spirit of aloha, she learns that she can do anything. Local illustrator/artist Shar Tuiasoa releases her first book inspired by her quintessential Punky Aloha Studio.

Meet Shar Tuiasoa at da Shop on Saturday, June 11, at 10 a.m. for a special keiki event. Author signing to follow story time.


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Da Shop June Surf

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Surf Is Where You Find It

by Gerry Lopez

This updated third edition features new photographs and is timed with the release of the documentary The Yin and Yang of Gerry Lopez. A must-read for surfers, surf aficionados, and just about anyone who appreciates the bygone era when Hawai‘i’s surfing history was being made.


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Da Shop June Cookbook

Photo: da Shop: Books + Curiosities


A Taste of Aloha Favorites

by The Junior League of Honolulu

Going to a potluck or party? This collection of classic simple recipes has you covered on all the local grinds from pūpū to desserts. The delectable list goes on and on: Kim chee dip, lumpia, somen noodle salad, Portuguese bean soup, miso chicken, Kahuku prawns. This cookbook even has The Willows’ shrimp curry recipe, circa 1983. It is a treasure trove of recipes locals love to cook and eat.


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Da Shop June Waimea

Photo: da Shop: Books + Curiosities


Waimea Summer

by John Dominis Holt

A classic historical novel set in Hawai‘i, Waimea Summer tells a coming-of-age tale of a young boy who spends time on a ranch in Waimea. He begins to ponder and reconcile the class and cultural disparities between Westerners and Native Hawaiians who reside in his community. Along the way, he must also face the question of where he fits into the societal landscape.


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All of these books can be ordered through da Shop, our 2020 Best of HONOLULU winner for Best Place to Find Your Next Great Read. Find them here. The Kaimukī bookseller is open for browsing Tuesdays through Sundays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.


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