We Tried 11 Hawai‘i Kine Halloween Candies

From li hing freeze-dried Skittles to lemon peel Creepy Crawlahs, these treats support local this spooky season.



The headline of this post should really be, “We Tried 11 Local Kine Halloween Candies … and Lived To Tell You About Them.” Why? Because no one should eat this much candy in one sitting. But what we do in the name of “research” is really a sacrifice for you, dear reader.


This spooky season, we noticed an increasing number of local candy companies and snack purveyors offering more options in the realms of freeze-dried candies and lemon peel gummies. Naturally, we gathered them up—some of our favorites and some we’ve never tried before—to uncover which were tricks and which were treats.


We cover a lot of ground in this video so we’ve made some timestamps to make it easier to find what you came here for. Pro tip: Click the YouTube button at the bottom right of the video to watch it on YouTube; the timestamps are clickable in the description on that page.


00:00 Teaser
00:27 Introduction
1:41 How freeze dried candy is made
2:09 Sticky Fingers Li Hing Rainbow Bites
3:28 Sticky Fingers Hello Gel-o
4:56 Sticky Fingers Samurai Frost Strawberry/Melon
6:07 Sticky Fingers Snacks Orange Dreamsicle
6:54 Sticky Fingers Snacks Yuzu Lemon Peel Gushers
8:12 Noms Halloween Sampler
9:07 Noms Creepy Crawlahs
9:48 Noms Nerds Clusters
10:50 Noms Jumbo Straws
11:51 Shaka Chips Freeze Dried Jolly Ranchers
13:09 Shaka Chips Freeze Dried Chocolate Taffy
13:53 Shaka Chips Freeze Dried White Rabbit
14:40 Our picks
15:33 Outro