These Choco Le‘a Truffles Are Inspired by Favorite Candies

Ready for a sugar rush? You’ve never had Jolly Ranchers and Starbursts like this—but they’ll disappear after Nov. 23.


Choco Lea Candy Truffles Pc Choco Lea

Snickers, Reese’s, Pink Starburst and Green Jolly Rancher truffles. Photo courtesy of Choco le’a


When word reached us about Choco le’a’s candy-inspired truffles, HONOLULU Magazine style editor Stacy Makiya and Frolic assistant editor Thomas Obungen bought two sets of the whole collection and sat down for a taste. Nostalgia was as big a draw as the promise of sugar: Hot on the heels of Halloween, each truffle is inspired by a favorite candy. The sweets are $2.99 apiece and only available a la carte or in custom boxes at the Mānoa shop until Nov. 23.

Here’s how two very different sweet tooths rated each truffle on a scale from 1 to 5. Watch the video for the full commentary and sugar rush as two adults consume five bougie chocolates in a row.



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Reese’s Peanut Butter Truffle

SM: The peanut butter is super smooth and creamy. Not so textured as the original peanut butter treat. It’s really good. 5!

TO: Mmm. Oh, there’s a layer of ganache on the bottom. It’s good, but, she’s really sweet. I give it a 4.


Pink Starburst Truffle

TO: Oh! It tastes like Yan Yans. Like strawberry Yans Yans.

SM: It’s smooth and really tastes like pink Starbursts. The texture is like if the candy melted in your car.

TO: But not as sticky. It also tastes like strawberry Pocky sticks.

SM: 5 for authentic flavor.

TO: 3.5. I like the Reese’s one better.


Snicker’s Truffle

SM: It’s a fancy version. And not as sweet.

TO: It’s like a grownup Snickers. Wow, that’s good. I give it a 5 out of 5.

SM: I give it a 6!


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Jolly Rancher Truffle

TO: Oh! It’s sweet. But it does taste like a Jolly Rancher with a ganache texture.

SM: It’s sweeter and doesn’t have a strong apple tang.

TO: I’m not loving her. I give it a “eh.”

SM: 4-ish, it’s the most original.


Bonus: Chocolate-Covered Speculoos Cookie

Choco Lea Chocolate Covered Speculoos Cookie Stacey Makiya

Photo: Stacey Makiya

TO: Mmm, and it’s crunchy still.

SM: There’s a generous layer of dark chocolate covering the cookie. I could eat it all day, all night. I imagine it crushed over vanilla ice cream. Mmm.

TO: Perfect with coffee. Like your favorite pumpkin spice latte. I give it a 6 out of 5! It’s my favorite.


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