Spring Fashion Feature: 6 Hawai‘i (Role) Models Who Are Making an Impact

They’re bold, beautiful and breaking through barriers. We’re honored to share the stories of six Hawai‘i (role) models who are making an impact in the fashion world.


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Kiani Souza is a midsize model with sexy curves and fierce angles. Thanks to size 12s-and-up who shaped the new definition of a model before her, this Kaua‘i woman fits in perfectly on runways and in fashion campaigns.

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Not willing to change her identity to be part of the industry, Mahina Florence is at the height of her career because of her flawless Hawaiian complexion, strong athletic build, and friendly aloha spirit.

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From one small island to another, Brandon Espiritu didn’t know where his career would land; his dream was to be to part of the entertainment industry. Now that he’s modeled in a few big campaigns—Skechers, Sheraton Hawai‘i and Heineken—he’s proud of his work and the trailblazers before him who paved the path so that minorities, like himself, could share in the spotlight.

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Being on a billboard in New York’s Times Square is a huge honor, but being on a billboard in Times Square representing a movement close to your heart and home was beyond incredible for newbie model Amber Abara.

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Age is nothing but a number right now in modeling, and mature gents like Jared Carstenn are hot commodities. For this top tennis coach, his salt-’n’-pepper whiskers garnered him more face time in front of the camera.

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After years of doors being closed and limited visibility for models with disabilities on the runway, Shaholly Ayers is calm, confident and courageous. Hell, she just walked in a Rihanna runway show. She and other models are redefining our notions of beauty, and opening doors for different body types in a cutthroat industry.

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