Spooky Ghost Bar pops up for Halloween at Ala Moana

Spooky cocktails and ghoulish decor are back at the mall's Ewa Wing

Killer Clown? Faceless Lady? Haunted Plantation? You guessed it — Ghost Bar Honolulu and its terrifying themed cocktails are back at Ala Moana Center. The pop-up has moved: It runs through Halloween in a bigger new spot in the former Café Lani space next to Shabuya.

Ghost bar sign
You’ll spot Ghost Bar as you enter the Ewa Wing

If you checked out Ghost Bar last year, you’ll recognize some of the spooky decor. The “It”-inspired clown is still on the wall, mouth gaping, and eyeless dolls watch you (how ironic) everywhere you turn. An empty coffin propped against the wall is the perfect photo opp, and if you sit at the bar, don’t let your guard down — there’s an interactive digital display that periodically changes its look. The walls are covered with ominous paintings; random limbs dangle from the ceiling. All this looks fun, even charming, in daylight, so for the full effect, head to Ghost Bar after sundown. 

Ghost Bar decor
This digital display is interactive
Ghost Bar decor
You’ll recognize some of the decor from last year’s Ghost Bar

You have to be 21 or older to drink, but anyone can get in. There are non-alcoholic options like soda and slushies and a minimal food menu with light snacks like edamame. But the cocktails steal the show. 

Ghost Bar menu
Here’s a look this year’s menu

If you’re like me and prefer sweeter drinks, kick things off with the Killer Clown. Easily one of Ghost Bar’s most popular drinks last year, it has horchata rum, coconut rum, milk, whipped cream and ube powder and is topped off with a red clown nose that you can wear. Don’t take your time drinking it, though, as this clown dissipates quickly. 

Ghost Bar Killer Clown
Killer Clown ($10) made with horchata rum, coconut rum, milk, whipped cream and ube powder. — Photo credit Joel Ugay

This is like a horchata in liquid form. I can’t taste ube at all. Ask for a straw if you don’t want whipped cream all over your face. 

Ghost Bar zombie
Zombie Slushy is new on the menu this year 

There are two new drinks this year: Zombie Slushy ($12) and Headhunter Slushy ($12). Zombie has POG (passion, orange, guava) with your choice of Grey Goose, Patron or Jameson; Headhunter is similar but with lilikoi instead of POG. Both come with glowing light cubes that you can keep — they’re liquid-activated and last one or two days.

This grown-up twist on nostalgic flavors from small-kid time works well. I like the slushy texture and refreshing flavors, and the nice alcoholic aftertaste gives it a one-two punch.

Ghost Bar Skeleton
Skeleton ($12) features whiskey, lemon juice, honey and ginger ale

If you’re feeling ghoulish and want a stronger cocktail, go for the Skeleton. The whiskey taste is strong but the drink is refreshing, thanks to the ginger ale. 

Syringe Shots are straight-up shots, $10 apiece with your choice of Grey Goose, Patron or Jameson with strawberry or lemon lime syrup for a splash of color. These display shots are one of the first things you’ll see when you walk in. They’re fun to look at, even more fun to drink. 

Ghost Bar syringe shots
Syringe Shots are $10 and have Grey Goose, Patron or Jameson with strawberry or lemon lime syrup
Ghost Bar Witches Brew
Witches’ Brew ($12) has tequila, sour apple schnapps, lemon juice and lemon lime soda

Witches’ Brew is reminiscent of a bubbling cauldron or magic potion. It’s light and a great choice if you want something tart. 

Halloween is the last night of Ghost Bar’s existence — at least for this year — but stay tuned. Something festive will be opening in its place on Dec. 1. After all, Christmas will be right around the corner. 

Ghost Bar Honolulu 
Ala Moana Center Ewa Wing
1450 Ala Moana Blvd. 
Sun-Thurs 5 p.m.-midnight, Fri-Sat 5 p.m.-2 a.m.