September 2022: Our Top 3 Most Viewed Posts About O‘ahu’s Food Scene

A new hidden spot, a PSA update on favorite small eateries, and a bun-to-bun showdown.


No. 3: J-Shop’s New Izakaya is a Hidden Gem in a Hidden Gem

J Shop Izakaya Negitoro Maki And Toro Taku Melissa Chang

Photo: Melissa Chang

Published Sept. 16, 2022

Dozens of izakaya offering everything from Nagoya cuisine to Okinawan specialties to grilled chicken skewers and deep-fried specialties dot the streets of metro Honolulu and Waikīkī. As Melissa Chang’s post about the homey new izakaya inside a little-known Japanese specialty grocer proves, the city can always use one more.

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No. 2: Where Are They Now? Eateries from ‘Ohana Hale Marketplace, Part 1

Little Gs Pizza Cauliflower Melissa Chang

Little G Cafe. Photo: Melissa Chang

Published Sept. 9, 2022

Since our launch, Frolic has covered the local food and dining scene from the point of view of the passionate eater, spotlighting locally owned businesses as much as we can. The pandemic expanded our role: Realizing their fragility during lockdown, when eaters needed information and struggling restaurants needed a way to reach them, we used the larger scope of our website and social media to step into the gap with frequent updates from a multitude of restaurants. Our roundup post updating readers on 15 tiny eateries from now-shuttered ‘Ohana Hale Marketplace continues this new tradition. It’s not one you’ll find in traditional journalism, but as a locally rooted player ourselves, it’s one we embrace.

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No. 1: Battle of Two Manapua: Sing Cheong Yuan and Royal Kitchen

Manapua Teaser Diane Seo

Photo: Diane Seo

Published Sept. 20, 2022

It started with a chance encounter this past summer. Editorial director Diane Seo ran into longtime contributor Melissa Chang and Frolic reader Chad Yamamoto at HONOLULU’s Hale ‘Aina chefs’ reception—and remembered that back in 2014, Chad had disagreed so strongly with Melissa’s Our Top 5 Manapua ranking that he agreed to contribute his own Top 5. The main point of contention: Who had the best baked manapua in Honolulu? On the spot, Diane proposed a head-to-head (or bun-to-bun, rather) challenge, and both agreed.

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