Ready or Natto: Enjoy Dishes Starring Japan’s Fermented Soybeans on July 10

(Sponsored) Celebrate Natto Day, July 10, with special natto-themed takeout dishes from six local restaurants.
O’Kim’s Korean Kitchen Natto Gyoza
Photo: mari taketa


Most natto lovers will tell you it’s an acquired taste. And they’d be right. While a blessed few have stomached, and even enjoyed, the fermented bean at first bite (my niece, for example, has been eating it since before she could walk), it typically takes two, three, four tries before you start to appreciate the funky smell and impossibly slimy texture—or just give up trying.


Natto Day is an “unofficial” holiday celebrated by Japanese cuisine lovers around the world.  Nattō is a traditional Japanese food made from soybeans. It is served with karashi mustard, soy sauce, and sometimes Japanese bunching onion. Give us a call! Natto Bibimbap w/charred yamaimo – $15 Natto, Rice, Kimchi, Beansprouts, Chives, Yamaimo, Green Onion Natt-Yo Average Chirashi – $25 Natto & Bonito Sushi Rice, Maguro-Zuke, Natto, Takuan, Okra, Ikura, Uzura Order now as quantities are limited.  Available from 4pm – 8pm   LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE You may reserve your order up to 24 hours in advance via phone To-go & dine-in options available Make your order now at (808) 941-3701

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Whether you’re a seasoned natto eater or simply curious, tomorrow (aka Natto Day, July 10) is your window of opportunity to experience the Japanese food in all its glory. Six local restaurants will be offering 14 one-day-only takeout dishes starring Japan’s popular, and equally polarizing, superfood. Kim chee natto quesadillas from Ethel’s Grill? Sign me up. Natto potstickers with pickled jalapeño from O’Kim’s Korean Kitchen? On my way. Natto-misu with mascarpone cream, shoyu chiffon and mocha-natto crunchies by @aliyoko? Sure, why the heck not? Try one dish, or try them all, and you might just become a fan by this weekend.


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