Readers’ Choice: Which Honolulu Restaurant’s New Natto Dish Do You Want to Try on Natto Day?

We’re rounding up restaurants for a July 10 Natto Day takeout celebration—and one of them is up to you!


Editor’s note: Voting for the readers’ choice restaurant is now closed.


Okims Natto Gyoza mari taketa

Photo: Mari Taketa


This is a serious question: If you could choose one Honolulu restaurant to create new natto dishes for a one-day natto takeout event, which would it be?


Because seriously, July 10 is Natto Day, for no other reason than that in Japanese, 7-10 can be pronounced as na-to. Few places on the planet show greater love for the slimy fermented beans than Honolulu, where this year marks the tenth anniversary of our sold-out Natto Day dinners. Can you believe it? That’s 10 years of local natto fans coming together again and again, much like the sticky filaments that trail from the beans, at glorious feasts celebrating our beloved natto.


To mark the occasion, 10 restaurants around Honolulu will create new natto dishes available for takeout on July 10. We’re leaving at least one of these choices to you, our readers. In the form below, tell us which restaurant you want to see in our Natto Night 2021 lineup. We’ll tally your votes and invite the winner(s) to participate. Note: Restaurants do NOT have to serve Japanese food to be nominated—in fact, we’re looking for a mix of different cuisines. And in our experience, the more a chef loves natto, the slimier, more creative and satisfying the dish.


You have until 3 p.m. HST on Thursday, June 24, 2021 to cast your vote.


Then check back here next week to see the full lineup of 10 restaurants and their Natto Day creations coming up on July 10!