Reader Poll: Vote for Your Favorite Manapua on O‘ahu

Tell us your fave by midnight this Thursday and check back next week for the results!


Chun Wah Kam Manapua Pc Melissa Chang

Chun Wah Kam’s manapua. Photo: Melissa Chang


R.I.P. Libby Manapua Shop (1962 – 2019) and Char Hung Sut (1946 – 2020). With everything else that was going on in the world, it took a while to realize the magnitude of these losses. Two tiny but gigantic icons of pillowy, Hawai‘i-size char siu bao buns, a.k.a. manapua, were gone, leaving gaping holes in our foodscape.


So it’s time for you, readers, to help us define the new world order. Who makes the island’s best manapua? Vote for your pick by 11:59 p.m. HST on Thursday, April 7 and check back next week. We’ll compile the results and find out who’s serving up O‘ahu’s favorite manapua!




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