36 O‘ahu Foodie Omiyage to Take to Neighbor Islands and Beyond

Everything from crispy beef jerky and Sun Noodles dry mein to Noms Gushers and ube crinkle cookies.


Afew days ago we got an email from a reader who goes by the name hwn girl: “Do you have a feature about O‘ahu omiyage? If so, could you please send me the link(s)?”


The last time the Frolic team named their best local foodie picks was for our Christmas gift guide last December. It’s a mouthwatering collection, but omiyage is a different game. Not only do these food gifts have to represent O‘ahu, they have to be packable or worth hand-carrying. In some cases, especially if you’re traveling to parts of Asia, the presentation has to impress. So while we sent hwn girl the Christmas link, at the same time we threw her question out to the team.


Within hours, we had something like three dozen picks. So here you go, hwn girl: our bigger, even more ‘onolicious collection of sweet and savory omiyage recs for these last days of summer travel or any time of the year.



Andrea Lee’s picks


French Macarons in a rainbow of colors

Photo: Courtesy of La Tour Café



Beef Jerky Made In Hawaii

Photo: Aaron K. Yoshino



Diane Seo’s picks



Eric Baranda’s pick


pineapple shaped shortbread cookies

Photo: Courtesy of Honolulu Cookie Co.




Gregg Hoshida’s picks



Mari Taketa’s picks


7 Eleven Ubae Crinkle Cookies Web

Photo: Aaron K. Yoshino


  • Assorted manapua from Sing Cheong Yuan Bakery or Royal Kitchen. Requested by neighbor island relatives who otherwise buy the frozen kind from Costco.
  • Mochi and chichi dango from Nisshodo Mochi. A California friend’s Lahaina-born great-grandfather ate these one in each hand.
  • Ube crinkle cookies from UBAE. A 4-year-old in Humboldt County is addicted; also a hit with senior citizens in Virginia. Even better, the four-packs are at 7-Eleven.
  • Mānoa Honey with cacao nibs. Everybody likes crunchy coffee honey.
  • Sea Salts of Hawai‘i’s Uahi Black Hawaiian Sea Salt. Lots of drama in the look of this charcoal-activated finishing salt.



Melissa Chang’s picks


fresh Manapua are popular interisland food gifts

Photo: Aaron K. Yoshino


If interisland:


food gifts like taro and sweet potato chips are best when fresh

Photo: Christi Young


If mainland or Asia:


If taking to my cousin in Iowa or niece in Minnesota:



Robbie Dingeman’s picks


flat and light, Manoa Chocolate bars make great food gifts

Photo: Robbie Dingeman


  • Mānoa Chocolate bars, especially the Hawai‘i flavors—mango, coconut, liliko‘i and so on—with the Punky Aloha artwork. They now come in small size as well as regular. Or the Hawai‘i Grown ones where I match the flavor to where expats grew up: Mililani, Ko‘olaupoko, Waimānalo.
  • JerkyLabs thin beef jerky, especially lemongrass and adobo. If I don’t have time to order, then Snack Addicted also great.
  • Echoing Mari, love Nisshodo chichi dango original and other mochi.
  • Sea Salts of Hawai‘i, the flaky Kona in the grinder is kind of a local Maldon; or the small Hawaiian Chili Pepper flavor. These food gifts don’t squish, spill or take up a lot of room.
  • For cookies, The Cookie Lady or OG Betty’s Best at Wholesale Unlimited.


Cookie Lady Furikake Credit Martha Cheng

Cookie Lady cookies. Photo: Martha Cheng



Thomas Obungen’s picks


6 We Tried We Search For The Best Lemon Peel Gummy Bears On Oahu Cover

Photo: Thomas Obungen




Tracy Chan’s picks