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...on buried bones, houseguests from hell and Chinatown as the "Honolulu Culture and Arts District."


...on the 50 Greatest Hawaii Songs, live jazz in Hawaii and on the use of scientific theory to prove that God exists.

Field of Creams

photo by David Croxford Tucked into an old anthurium farm in Hilo, a company called Ola creates sophisticated spa goodies—body butters, foot scrubs, lotions—that are hand-made using fresh fruit, flowers, volcanic pumice and other natural ingredients. “I wanted to do…

Letters 6/07

“Scrap Yard: Does God Exist?” 05/07 Two University of Hawai‘i professors, Victor Stenger and Charles Hayes, squared off about God and science. How can you run an article on such a lofty subject—with two opposing viewpoints—in barely a page? It…

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