New Foodie Finds Arrive in Honolulu

Try these locally made products from Adoboloco, Maui Preserved and Manoa Chocolate.

Photos: David Croxford, Martha Cheng


Some hot sauces are just about heat; Adoboloco’s strike a balance of hot and tangy while featuring the unique flavors of each pepper variety. Adoboloco hand-bottles four sauces, from mild to hot: Jalapeño, Bangkok (Thai chile), Habanero, and one with ghost peppers (the hot pepper du jour).


Available at Red Pineapple, Ward Center, 1200 Ala Moana Blvd.,



Why do mangoes get all the pickling fun? Maui Preserved shares the tart love with other fruits: pickled strawberries and sweet and spicy pineapple spears, all locally grown. Grab a jar of fragrant vanilla powder, too, made from whole, Maui-grown vanilla beans.


Available at Whole Foods Kahala and Kailua,



Manoa Chocolate takes raw cacao beans and, through roasting and grinding, transforms them into deeply satisfying, single-origin chocolate bars. Compare the fudgy, earthy Ecuadorian chocolate to the tart and fruity Hamakua chocolate and never taste chocolate the same way again.


315 Uluniu Street, Suite 203, Kailua, 343-3040,


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