HONOLULU Magazine - November 2004

K2:The King of Mountains

This summer there were 11 expeditions from around the world trying to climb K2—including the one-man 2004 Hawaiian Expedition, which consisted of our contributing editor, guy Sibilla.

When Eddie Met Gabby

In a Waimanalo backyard, an ailing Gabby Pahinui asked Eddie Kamae to play a few tunes with him. It was the jam session that changed Kamae’s life—and set off the Hawaiian Renaissance.

Giving Voice

John Keola Lake has shaped an entire generation of Native Hawaiians. In doing so, he is ensuring that the ways of his kupuna live on.

Book Report: Surf Science

Surf Science, University of Hawai‘i Press, $32.In a famous routine glorifying the intellect of physical education majors everywhere, comedian Bill Cosby answered his own semi-rhetorical question, Why is there air?, with the obvious punchline: To fill up basketballs. Right. The…

Q+A Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa

With more than 50 films and TV series to his credit, Hawai'i-based actor Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa now stars as Capt. Terry Harada in the NBC cop-fest, Hawai'i. Q: How long have you lived in Hawai'i?A: I bought a home just after…

Tree Love

Arbor Day is a tricky holiday. The national celebration of tree planting is on the last Friday in April, but since it's a holiday uniquely dependant on weather, many states observe it during a more clement time of year. Hawai'i,…

Hittin’ the Sauce

Hawai'i residents have long loved Chai's Island Bistro, an indoor-outdoor café known for its tasty Pacific Rim cuisine and relaxed atmosphere. The restaurant works just as well for a downtown business lunch as it does for a romantic evening for…

Electoral College Dropout

When it comes to presidential elections, Hawai'i gets no respect. The two leading candidates don't think much of us and, apparently, neither does the rest of America. Sure, the local Republican and Democratic parties boost their respective presidential candidates, but…