HONOLULU Magazine - May 2008

The Yard

Over the past century, the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard has helped the country by keeping the Pacific Fleet “fit to fight,” but it also has a special significance for the people of Hawaii. In the following pages, HONOLULU explores the past and present of the shipyard, which celebrates its centennial anniversary this month.

Biennial 2.0

Now that Honolulu has two alternating, yet similar, museum exhibitions, is the art scene really going to be better?

CD Reviews: Alfred Apaka and Kawao

Broadway Wears a LeiAlfred Apaka(Re-released by Mountain Apple Co.)Hawaii’s foremost crooner, Alfred Apaka, singing “I Could Have Danced All Night,” from My Fair Lady? Believe it. This album, originally recorded in 1958 and recently re-released, finds Apaka taking on not…


...on reducing parking requirements, the Eyre Era, Zippy's saimin and Linda Lingle thanks Honolulu.