HONOLULU Magazine - April 2007

Hawai‘i by Design

From signature stores to sophisticated hotels to ancient tattoo techniques, design is everywhere in Hawai‘i, challenging who we think we are.

Letters 4|07

“Our City on Rails” 03/07 Associate editor Michael Keany looks at Honolulu’s planned mass-transit rail system. I found the article on Honolulu’s proposed rail system fascinating, and factually detailed. However, it was bittersweet, as I found the magazine in my…

The Beach

“The ultralight allows for an aerial intimacy you can’t normally get from a small plane or helicopter,” says photographer Sergio Goes, who toured O‘ahu in a two-seater device that pairs hang glider with propeller. Here, Goes hovers above Sandy Beach…

Food: Buying in Bulk

Some of you may remember the classic shopping list from Sesame Street: “A quart of milk, a loaf of bread, a stick of butter.” Well, imagine getting groceries for a whole restaurant. What might that list look like? To find…

Scrap Yard: What is marriage for?

In February, the state Legislature once again killed proposed bills that would have given civil union partners the same rights and responsibilities as married couples. We decided to take a step back and ask a more basic question. What is marriage for?