iPhone 4S pre-order experience

If you’re like me, you were sitting in front of your computer waiting for Apple.com to begin taking pre-orders for the new iPhone 4S. If you were lucky, you got through the process smoothly and received your order confirmation for October 14. Chances are, the process, in true iPhone pre-order fashion, wasn’t very smooth. It’s what happens when a site gets pounded by hundreds of thousands of requests per minute, but I give Apple credit for navigating through the traffic.

I took screenshots of my entire ordering process so you could see what I had to deal with throughout the night. I watched as Apple’s web engineers fixed pages dynamically and flowed traffic from direct pre-orders to a reservation system being handled through iTunes. Here’s how it went down:

iPhone 4S ordering process

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Waiting since 9 p.m., Apple.com took a while to update their store page. I finally got access to the opening iPhone 4S ordering screen at 9:42 p.m.

Did you pre-order the iPhone 4S tonight? If so, which model and color did you get? Didn’t upgrade? Tell us why you’re holding out in the comments below.