HONOLULU Magazine’s 10 Most Popular Food and Dining Posts of 2014



From ramen-burger fever to our everlasting love for only-in-Hawai‘i saimin and shave ice, here’s a look back at HONOLULU Magazine's most popular articles from Biting Commentary and our magazine’s dining pages in 2014:


The Original Ramen Burger versus Saimin Burgers

When the original ramen burger came to Honolulu, people went crazy; L&L looked at the lines and said, hey, we can do this.


Sun Noodle

Sun Noodle, which started as a little factory in Kalihi, supplies the noodles for the Ramen Burger, all of Honolulu’s ramen shops except for one, and most of the hottest names in New York’s ramen scene. Here’s how it all started.


Meatball Hawai‘i

The fact that Robert McGee opened a place called Meatball is probably the most perfect thing ever. Sadly, it closed not long after.


The Best Shave Ice Shops in Honolulu

From classic shave-ice shops like Waiola to the adorable Monsarrat Ave. Shave Ice shack with all-natural syrups, we can never get enough.


New Brunch Spots

It seems that if we complained loudly and often enough about Honolulu not being a brunch town, we get what we asked for: Seven new brunch spots opened this year.



Koko Head Café

The buzziest of all the new brunch places? Koko Head Café, with its inventive skillets and cornflake French toast.


Old School Saimin Shops

Saimin isn’t just a dish. It’s a Hawai‘i experience.


Best Kahuku Shrimp Truck

Shrimp truck showdown: Giovanni’s, Romy’s and Fumi’s. The winner surprised us.


What’s Jidori Chicken?

We see it at the menus of some of the best restaurants in town. But what is it anyways?



Honolulu, welcome to your first Burmese restaurant.


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