St. Clement’s School

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Photo: Courtesy of St. Clement’s School.

From the moment children are greeted by name as they enter St. Clement’s School until day’s end, they are immersed in activity—planned and spontaneous—full of laughter, stories, art, music, games, projects, friends and fun. In this world of discovery and wonder, attentive, experienced teachers and assistant teachers degreed in early education create experiences that stimulate young eager minds and bodies to build confident, creative learners.

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In this accessible and safe learning environment, students are guided through rigorous, age-appropriate curriculum to build skills and encourage strong relationships. Three-year-olds examine textures and natural elements: soft, hard, squishy, sand, ice, paint and soil; four-year-olds research and explore mythical characters and cave dwellers; kindergarteners discover the value of the coins and paper money of banking in a community. Engaged by curiosity, armed with language, numbers, science and loving teachers, children are excited by learning.

Rooted in the Episcopal faith, St. Clement’s School welcomes children from all backgrounds and embraces religious and ethnic diversity. Respect and love for others are integral to its mission. Located in Makiki, St. Clement’s School accepts 3-and 4-year-old children for preschool and kindergarten programs. The school is accredited by NAEYC and is a member of HAIS and NAES.

For information and/or application, please contact us.

1515 Wilder Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96822
(808) 949-2082 |