Give Big Hawai‘i: A Letter from Southwest Airlines


Aloha friends,

Southwest has been proud to serve the Hawai‘i community for over three years. But even prior to our planes touching down, we spent time in each island community listening, learning, and investing in the communities we would soon be joining.


As a mainland company, we’d heard a lot about the aloha spirit but from the second we started visiting the islands, we immediately experienced it. It’s hard to put in to words the feeling of love, affection, and unconditional warmth but when you come to the islands, you feel it.


As a company whose symbol is heart, we immediately understood the magnitude of what it means to be part of the Hawai‘i community and took our kuleana to be a good neighbor seriously. In 2021 alone, we were proud to contribute over $500,000 in cash and in kind donations to organizations that have meaningful impacts across the islands. Our employees, many of who grew up in Hawai‘i, volunteered nearly 800 hours to 35 different organizations.


As we continue to recover from the pandemic, we know the needs across the islands are still great. It will take all of us, putting our hearts in action to support the community we love so dearly. We’re grateful for the support you show to each of the organizations featured and hope you’ll show your continued support through Give Big Hawai‘i.


Mahalo for welcoming us to your community. We look forward to working with you to ensure Hawai‘i’s future is bright.

Give Big Kelly Knox