et al.’s Gourmet Coffee Program by Kona Coffee Purveyors

(Sponsored) All the coffee at et al., including drip, espresso and nitro cold brew, is from Kona Coffee Purveyors.



t al. is Kahala MKT.’s in-store restaurant known for its lobster roll, short rib arancini and amazing cocktails. But have you been there for breakfast to enjoy a smorgasbord of sweet and savory pastries and the eatery’s robust coffee menu?



Latte. Photo: Kelli Shiroma Braiotta


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All the coffee at et al., including drip, espresso and nitro cold brew, is from Kona Coffee Purveyors. This local roaster focuses on roasting the best single-estate, high-elevation coffees out of Kona every harvest season.


Each coffee beverage on the menu is sourced and roasted specifically for the restaurant, according to Jackie Suiter, co-founder of Kona Coffee Purveyors.


“When we were approached by et al., we were excited to present chef Keoni [Chang] with three different estates [in Kona] that he could gravitate toward,” she says. “He picked what he felt would be a great representation to match the foods available [in the restaurant].”


“When you look at the coffee menu, it’s a huge assortment to go with et al.’s breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. Everybody can find something to satisfy their caffeinated needs.”



et al. blend, $18. Photo: Kelli Shiroma Braiotta


Kona Coffee Purveyors created a private label for the restaurant called the et al. blend, which features a combo of a Mauna Loa farm in Kona and a Guatemalan coffee. This is the featured blend for drip coffee, and 6-ounce bags of these beans are now available for purchase in Kahala MKT. for $18.


According to Suiter, all coffee beverages should be able to stand on their own without competing with or overpowering the flavors from et al.’s delicious dishes. But certain drinks pair well with specific sweet or savory items. For example, the smooth nitro cold brew has a strong flavor profile and goes well with the savory breakfast toasts.



Cold brew. Photo: Kelli Shiroma Braiotta


“This particular Papua New Guinea is very aromatic and full of flavor,” says Suiter. “We roast it a tiny bit darker than we normally do. The concentration of caffeine in cold brews is much greater than a cup of drip coffee because of the length of time the water and coffee are able to mix together.”


Suiter recommends pairing the nitro cold brew with savory breakfast toasts like Mexican street avo and strawberry tomato jam and ricotta to achieve a flavor balance. On the other hand, sweeter drinks like flavored lattes match better with fresh-baked pastries like the sinfully sticky cinnamon morning bun.


If you need a recommendation, et. al’s friendly baristas are there to help you out. All coffees on the menu are also available to-go.


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et al.
Kahala MKT.
4210 Waialae Ave.
(808) 732-2144
Breakfast Mon-Fri 6-10:30 a.m.
Brunch Sat-Sun 6 a.m.-2 p.m.