Essential eats: Where to find Hawaiian plates

We've made it to Aloha Friday of Week 4 at home! Here's where to celebrate with lau lau, kalua pork, poke and poi

It’s Friday and you survived yet another week in quarantine! *Virtual high five* There’s no better way to celebrate than with the quintessential Hawaiian plate. 

Whether you’re craving lau lau, kalua pork or poi — or all three — here’s where you can get your fix. 

Basalt Waikiki: Aloha Friday Ohana meal

Basalt’s Friday-Saturday Ohana Meal costs $100 and serves 4: It includes lau lau (pork with butterfish), Basalt’s pipikaula ribeye, kalua pig, lomi salmon, shoyu ahi poke, purple sweet potato, poi, white rice and haupia malassadas.

Fort Ruger Market: Hawaiian plates

Hawaiian plates are available daily in a variety of options including pork lau lau, beef stew and lomi salmon; kalua pork, chicken long rice and lomi salmon; pork lau lau, squid luau and lomi salmon. All come with two scoops of white or brown rice. 

Haili’s Hawiian Foods: Hawaiian plates and bowls 

Bowls here range from pastele stew and kalua pig to beef stew, tripe stew and chicken long rice. Hawaiian bowls include two scoops of rice, sweet potato and pickled onions; Hawaiian plates come with lomi salmon, poke, sweet potato, haupia and rice or poi. Choose from lau lau plate, kalua plate, a combo of the two or the Big Kahuna with lau lau, kalua pig and chicken long rice. 

Highway Inn: Hawaiian combo plates

Dishes like beef stew, chicken or pork lau lau, squid luau, poi, chicken long rice and pipikaula are a la carte or part of Hawaiian combo plates. The latter come with rice or poi, sweet potato and haupia plus your choice of lomi salmon, potato mac salad or organic greens with lilikoi dressing. 

Kahiau Jerky: Ohana Value Packs

This week’s $55 value pack includes 4 beef brisket lau lau, 2 pounds chicken long rice, 1 pound fresh poi, 1 pound of your choice of poke. All packs are served cold and need to be reheated. Pre-orders for Wednesday to Saturday only; DM Kahiau Jerky on Instagram. 

Kehau’s Kitchen: Hawaiian plates and combos

Kalua pork, lau lau, squid luau, beef stew, chicken long rice and more are a la carte or part of various Hawaiian combo plates. The Local Girl combo ($18) has rice, kalua pork, pulehu ribs, beef stew gravy and your choice of potato salad, lomi salmon or haupia; the Local Boy combo ($22) has rice, kalua pork, pulehu ribs, lau lau, beef stew gravy and your choice of potato salad, lomi salmon or haupia. 

Kono’s North Shore: Hawaiian bowl 

Hawaiian bowl ($10.75): 12-hour-roasted kalua pork and cabbage mix, white rice, side of guava barbecue sauce and takuan.

Kuhio Grille: Lau lau and combination plates 

Kuhio Grille is known for its 1-pound lau lau. – Photo credit Jason Chin

Take your pick from lau lau sold a la carte, lau lau combos, Hawaiian plates (lau lau, poi, lomi salmon, pickled onions and haupia) or the Kanak Attack (lau lau, kalua pig, rice, poi, lomi salmon, pickled onions and haupia). 

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Laverne’s Catering: Various Hawaiian combos

Combos include kalua pig, chicken long rice and squid luau; kalua pig and squid luau; kalua pig and chicken long rice; chicken long rice and squid luau; and lau lau and kalua pig. All include rice, lomi salmon and haupia. Chicken long rice, kalua pig and cabbage, kalua pig, squid luau and lau lau plates are also available. 

Nico’s Kailua and Pier 38: Hawaiian plate

Nico’s Kailua is selling this plate as a special for $14, while Nico’s Pier 38 sells it every Friday for $14.95.

Oahu Grill: Hawaiian plates and combos

Lau lau, kalua pig, squid luau, chicken long rice, tripe stew, salt meat with watercress, and smoked meat are available. Plates come with rice or poi, lomi salmon and haupia.

Poke Stop: Hawaiian plates and bowls

Hawaiian bowl ($15.95): White rice, kalua pig, lomi tomato, pickled onion, limu ahi poke. – Photo courtesy Poke Stop

Hawaiian plate ($14.95): Pork lau lau, choice of poke, lomi salmon, pickled onion, sweet potato and rice

Hawaiian bowl ($15.95): White rice, kalua pig, lomi tomato, pickled onion, limu ahi poke

Redfish Poke: Kanak Attack bowl

Kanak Attack ($16): Kalua pig, lomi salmon, pipikaula and your choice of poke. This bowl is available daily. 

Scoopers Kitchen & Lunchwagon: Lau lau, kalua pork & cabbage plate

Every Friday, Scoopers has a $12 Hawaiian plate special that includes lau lau, kalua pork and cabbage, white rice and choice of tossed or mac salad. 

The Food Company Kailua: Aloha Friday special

Hawaiian plate ($10.95): Choice of lau lau or kalua pig, two scoops of rice, salad, lomi lomi salmon, haupia and chicken long rice

Combo plate ($10.95): Lau lau and kalua pig 

The Munchie Machine: Aloha Friday special

The Munchie Machine is a food truck that roams in Mapunapuna and Salt Lake. Its Aloha Friday special is a $15 two-choice Hawaiian plate combo with rice, lomi salmon and haupia. Choose from smoked meat, squid luau, kalua pig, pipikaula short ribs and limu poke. 

Tsukenjo: Hawaiian plate

Hawaiian plate ($13): Lau lau, chicken long rice and kalua pig. Hawaiian plates are served every Aloha Friday. 

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Yama’s Fish Market: Various Hawaiian plates

Hawaiian plates include combos like lau lau and lomi salmon; kalua pig and lomi salmon; lau lau, kalua pig and lomi salmon; and kalua pig, lomi salmon, poke and haupia. Plates come with rice or you can substitute poi for an additional charge. 

Young’s Fish Market: Various Hawaiian plates

Combination plate with pork, lau lau, kalua pig, lomi salmon, pipikaula, sweet potato and poi; $19.25. – Photo credit Gregg Hoshida

Hawaiian plates include lau lau plates, kalau pig, beef stew, combination plates and Big Al’s Hawaiian Bento, which has kalua pig, mini lau lau, rice, pipikaula and sweet potato. Pork, chicken, vegetable, butterfish and beef lau lau are available on different days. 

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