Eat the Street May

Everything came together at Friday night’s Eat the Street — great crowds, blue skies (OK, couple of brief showers), cool trades, and the best mix of street food yet.

Gourmet chocolate debuted at the event, as did Thai fried chicken and curries, Cuban picadillo and supa garlicky shrimp. Most buzz: Tiki’s gourmet tacos and Fairycakes’ strawberry shortcake bowls, probably. And of course, major buzz for the truck with the longest line: da ala cart, an ETS newbie that brought only three items: grilled bacon-wrapped musubi, grilled pork belly sticks and chicken meatball sticks.

It was all totally chill. As always, Nonstop was at the scene from start to finish, roaming and shooting these pics for you. Here they are, our fave scenes from ETS May.

Madre Chocolate

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Handing out samples of Madre Chocolate.

— Photo by Tracy Chan